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L Lawliet

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  1. why did you make a hackintosh?

    it fun Yay fun i like trying all kinds of new software and i was tired of linux OSx86 is a new challenge for me
  2. Take One, Leave One

    Mountain Dew Hackintosh HP or Hackintosh Dell (laptop)
  3. Computers you have

    1x Imac G3 my only real mac 1x HP DV9500 in my sig 1x Gateway something 1x Custom P3 (need to get it back from friend) 1x Non-working 486 almost given up 1x non-working p1 needs a DIN port Linux Xbox need to get that back too A couple of cases i use to store parts in It fun to put parts in an empty case 1x DV6700 (dads laptop) it would make a good hackintosh but he is scared