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  1. Help me find my Darwin boot loader

    the really easy way is to look at the darwin 8.0.1 x86 install cd. open up etc/rc.cdrom (or private/etc/rc.cdrom) in your handy dandy utf text editor (notepad sucks) and find the correct blurb of text (lucky for you i found it right here) if [ "${ARCH}" == "i386" ]; then cd / umount -f ${ROOTPART} RAWROOTPART=`echo ${ROOTPART} | sed 's/disk/rdisk/'` if [ "${FILESYSTEMTYPE}" == "ufs" ]; then dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1u of=${RAWROOTPART} bs=512 count=15 >>/dev/null 2>&1 elif [ "${FILESYSTEMTYPE}" == "hfs" ]; then dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=${RAWROOTPART} bs=512 count=1 >>/dev/null 2>&1 /usr/sbin/startupfiletool ${RAWROOTPART} /usr/standalone/i386/boot >/dev/null 2>&1 bless -device ${ROOTPART} -setBoot >/dev/null 2>&1 fi mount -t ${FILESYSTEMTYPE} ${ROOTPART} ${TARGET_MOUNT} bless -mount ${TARGET_MOUNT} -setBoot >/dev/null 2>&1 cd ${TARGET_MOUNT} so, you can just follow the above directions... i would assume you installed your OSX onto a hfs partition... and you would run in a terminal dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=DISKDRIVE bs=512 count=1 where DISKDRIVE is your raw disk number /dev/rdiskX I make no guarantees that this will work with HFS... I do guarantee that this works with UFS because i have done this before when a windows bootloader wrote over it. the UFS version of the above code is less complicated.
  2. macgirl has a good hypothesis... since the files are universal on the dvd they might indeed copy to the mac as universal too... you never know until it is tried.
  3. Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    does anyone know what this dummy.dmg file in the root of the phenix iso is? i tried to mount it with mac os x and it has no recognizable filesystems according to osx. the file size is almost 1.4gb its about 800megs compressed with sitx. if you open it with a hex editor, you can see filenames and such... edit: correctly spelled "of"
  4. i guess its not an exact science..... i hope the same doesnt happen to me :?
  5. sex is perfectly productive, its all about exercise. there was a column in some magazine taht said you burn a crapload of calories during sex.
  6. Something to tide us over

    i am stumped... i probably know what it is but its too damn obvious because its glaring at me :?
  7. it was on the apple website when they first introduced X.0... its pronounced ten. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mac_OS_X
  8. its X as in the roman numeral 10, pronounced ten, successor to os9
  9. Something to tide us over

    is it because its unix skinned to look like mac os classic??
  10. Just bloody nice...

    xpostfacto works great, i used it to install 10.3 on my powermac 9600 with a g3 upgrade card... i ran 10.2 before the upgrade card on a 233 mhz 604e
  11. Something to tide us over

    is that part of the apple dev kit cd that has all the openstep documentation on it??
  12. Something to tide us over

    rhapsody dr2 for intel is a pretty complete os... it was the last developer preview before mac os x server 1.0 came out for ppc and they canned the x86 version. if you search some old mac news articles from 1998 you can get the gist for what rhapsody was supposed to be as a final product. I have the intel disc and disks if anyone wants to play around with it... pm me if you want to aquire it... right now my dsl is down and i have dialup but i can get it around when i get my dsl back in a week or two. a very excelent website to check out for rhapsody information is www.shawcomputing.net. thats about all.
  13. Supported Virtual Machine

    There arent any network drivers for the AMD network interface emulated in VMware for Darwin.
  14. Something to tide us over

    any virtualpc that it version 5.0 or lower... all others {censored} out at boot time.
  15. Supported Hardware

    okey dokey :wink: