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  1. this sucks so much for me, it has nothing to do with your tutorial, but im stuck on step two of the OSX installation, my computer loads the disk, shows the first few lines of booting with hd0,0 with the spining cursor underneath, then freezes and my Caps and NumLock lights on my keyboard start flashing, i remember seing this issue before and using the proper kernel for my AMD system fixed this issue, but i dont understand because this is the only available modified kernel for me that i know of for Snow Leopard, i know u dont know much about AMD but i have searched for "MBCD.iso" everywhere and couldnt find a forum talking about how to boot this iso on an AMD system, what else do you recommend for me? i completely understand if your not able to help me
  2. thats completely understandable, no need for explanations, THANK YOU for uploading the files early,... you made my day im dying to get off of work, go home and try it out now, im pretty sure your amazing tutorial will work for my AMD system, ill give updates soon
  3. Thats perfectly fine, with my extensive search on installing OSX on my laptop i have learned it is not the best to run it on, what you recommended for the graphics mode helped me maximize my resolution for my 10.5 install, i will keep in mind the "qoopz kernel" that you have mentioned, i am very exited and patiently waiting for your "fix" that you will provide for us DV7 users, as soon as you release that i will give all of this a try, thanks again for your help
  4. Amazing tutorial! Thank you very very much, ive been searching for a month and a half for a guide specificly for my dv7-3169wm laptop, i have tried many tutorials for installing 10.6 and they all failed for me, 10.5 works fine though,........ i have two questions, will this work with my processor? i have an AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core M620, also, do you think i will be able to utilize my graphics card on 10.6.3? i have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650, in advance thank you for your time