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  2. @PTCruiserGT Which means that each card has a different rom bios from the other and the have different behaviour. Also my card has 1GB ram your has 512 MB. My memory bandwith is 9,8GB/s yours memory bandwith is 4,8GB/s Your card is veru close to the original GT120 card from Mac Pro 4.1 GT120 is a rebranded GT210. So macOS Sierra beleives that you have the original GT120 gpu from the Mac Pro 5.1 and it works like a charm. You are lucky. Take a look at the specs of the original Apple card they are exactly the same https://www.cnet.com/products/nvidia-geforce-gt-120-graphics-card-gf-gt-120-512-mb-series/specs/
  3. You have either a DVI-I cable or adapter not a DVI-D either you has different SKU EVGA GT210. Did you open my link to see if you have exactly the same SKU card?
  4. Ι confirm that macOS Sierra doesn't work with EVGA GT210 (this particular model: http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=01G-P3-1313-KR) neither with HDMI nor with DVI-D (black screens) . Works with VGA and probably must works with DVI-I . Its unbelivable but this Gpu prefers analog ports instead digital ports with sierra. I tried with and without nvidia web drivers at 2 different monitors. A samsung 16:10 1680X1050 and an LG Ultra wide 21:9 2560X1080. The same card on El capitan worked like a charm until 1920X1080 (Not with 2560X1080) from digital outputs. Just for feedback in case you think about to buy an EVGA GT210.
  5. What exactly system do you have? If you have success please make an new thread or pm me. Thanks. Last night i tried to install Stable version of Sierra with Clover 3659 and 3761 at my Optiplex 760 and i had no success. Beta was installed , stable it was impossible. Maybe it is Clover, or maybe it is fake smc kext who need update. Any ideas? Did someone tried the first stable with success?
  6. Works without SSE4? What do you mean? At which machine works? With which cpu?
  7. Theoprofil

    [How To] Made your Dell Precision 490 - 690 a silent PC

    You are welcome. Its very easy to find a heatsink. Try here http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/sis.html?_nkw=Dell+Precision+Heatsink+490+0JD210+690+T5400+SC1430+CPU+JD210+JOBLOT+x2&_id=121948220014&&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2658 The ram it is no an issue. Those rams are FB EEC rams and all those rams that are server and workstation rams although they have a heatsikn it very normal to work with tempertures fro min. 72 to max 84 °Celsius. The issue is that the fan which try to cool them is a horrible fan with 4000 rpm. The less diameter of the fan the more noise at the same rpm with a bigger diameter fan. So exchange this 92mm fan with an 120 mm fan but keep i mind these: You have to construct a custom fan base to accomodate the bigger fan. You can also find bigger custom bases on ebay but they are expensive and they have no name fans . take a look here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dell-Precision-490-Memory-Fan-Noise-Solution-Quiet-Down-That-490-/262113660133?hash=item3d07310ce5:g:5lMAAOSw9mFWLpfy Buy a fan with 120mm diameter which is from a good european brand with reputation e.g. Noctua, LLC, Arctic which fan must be a DE FACTO PWM fan. Pwm means that the fan can read information from the mobo and adjust its rpm automatically. Because Dell has propriety plugs for the fans, you will cut the Dell's cable and the new fan's cable and you will join them together. Just kep in mind that sometimes the colour of Dell's fan cables with the colours of the new 120mm fan although they have the same colours it is not RIGHT to join them colour with colour but you have to exchange the colours at the joining phase. Google is your best friend, other way do trials and errors tests. I stay at your disposal. Good Luck
  8. Theoprofil

    [How To] Made your Dell Precision 490 - 690 a silent PC

    You are welcome! My Card is Nvidia GT 610. But don't buy this card because i have read that it is not compatible with the bete releases of macOS Sierra. Maybe will be compatible with the final release, but it doesnt worths to take the risk. When i say doesnt works with sierra i mean with or without OS X nvidia drivers.
  9. Theoprofil

    Guide Clover Dell Precision 690 Workstation

    According to dell the precision 690 can handle until 64 gb of ram with the use of memory riser. But believe me when the wrote the specs about the max possible ram there were not memory dimms of 8 gb . So if you buy memory dimms of 8 gb then you can have 64 gb ram without use memory risers. But 8 gb memory dimms are very expensive. @ 0xAE9 This time it is not so easy i think
  10. The captain's word is the law! Yes my captain
  11. Oh thank you MacPeet very serious info about configurator!!!! frankly it took me 3 efforts to install sierra. Because i tried with the clover 3556 . After a lot of disappointment read carefully that there is a "special edition" clover for sierra.
  12. Time machine is an must avoid thing IMHO when we are talking about hackintosh systems. A serious alternative of time machine is carbon copy clover. I never use time machine on my hackintoshes . Anyway i can help you(?) via team viewer. In five hours from now send me the ID of team viewer to see what we will do....
  13. Thanks! Great! But no sound on the fly with clover. Can you attach config.plist ? Thanks! Great!
  14. i can help you via teamviewer and maybe we will solve your problem. Evening time. My Local time is +2 GMT So you mean that now everything works as it should except the sound?