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  1. Hi guys, wanted to install OS X El Capitan on my desktop PC using the Clover bootloader. That worked with a slightly modified standard config.plist from TonyMacx86 guide for Yosemite with Clover. Just for your information, my hardware components: The used config.plist is appended. The installation worked, but when I come to my desktop after a short period of time always the screen turns black (not when I am in safe mode, but I can not mount partitions in this mode, etc.). Well, obviously this seems to be a GPU related problem so I tried already different things to solve this issue: 1. In Clover configurator I added the Fake ID "0x67B01002" under devices in "ATI". 2. Under "Graphics" I enabled "LoadVBios" and pasted my .ROM (I exported that for my video card approx. 1 week ago with GPU-Z under windows) under EFI/CLOVER/ROM in the right format (in my case 1002_67B0.rom) (also attached). Unfortunately, all of this measures could not solve my issue. Would appreciate your help, thanks! EDIT: I could solve that issue. For my GPU it was necessary to insert under "Graphics" in "FBName" "kBaladi" and now it works. configPlist.zip GPU-UEFI.zip