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  1. Let me recheck the config... and also can you try a fresh install?
  2. use this config... DO NOT CHANGE NOTHING... at least before try it config-1.plist EDIT also use the latest version of clover...
  3. Jacopiazza

    Can't get QuickSync Working (HD530/GTX 970)

    exactly the same here...
  4. Jacopiazza

    Can't get QuickSync Working (HD530/GTX 970)

    yeah...but it took 1minute to me... and as i saw from other posts this isn't right... what can i do...?
  5. Jacopiazza

    Can't get QuickSync Working (HD530/GTX 970)

    Just tried using latest version of clover ... but nothing changed... EDIT: i've just found that only FCPX isn't using IGPU, for example Macx Video Pro Converter is using ONLY igpu and it's really fast...
  6. try to make a new usb with a new install using this efi folder... use config_install.plist for the install and the other plist after the installation... (You can switch configs in clover going into options->configs->choose here) EFI.zip
  7. i have a pretty similar config to yours... i7-6700k / z170-k / GTX970 i'll try to fix the config for you... what a moment
  8. HI, I'm trying to enable my HD530 (i7-6700k) along my GTX 970 to use QuickSync and get better render times and all the advantages of it... also I need to use airplay mirroring. As now all is working except it, and i'd like to get it working. My problem is that when fcpx or another app exports the IGPU usage always stays at 0%... How can I solve this? (Kexts Lilu,Whatevergreen,AppleALC,Realtek8111,fakesmc) MY config and gen debug results attached. debug_3335.zip config.plist
  9. anyone know if is possible to do this thing? do i need any patch or other thing? have i to use clover anyway? hp z240 i6-6500 8gb ddr4 ram
  10. i have an error with boot: after 20/30 seconds of verbose i see the simbole of the error , but after 5/10 minutes it disappears and the boot continue normally. my config is : -Z170-K -i7-6700k -Gtx 970 -32Gb Ram DDR4 -240GB SSD Kingstone -macOS Sierra 10.12 -SMBIOS iMac 17.1
  11. Jacopiazza

    Geforce GTX950 not working on Sierra

    for the smbios iMac 17,1 you have to patch the apple graphics kext booting with nv_disable=1 ,otherwise you will see a black screen at boot. to patch agdp you can use the 1.3 version of this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/424-agdpfix/
  12. hi i can't enable acceleration of my Asus nVidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix. my configuration is: -Os x 10.11.5 -i7-6700k -32Gb Ram DDR4 -Asus z170k -Asus GTX 970 Strix 4GB GDDR5 My flag are: -nvda_drv=1 -dart=0 - -v this is my efi folder: http://bit.ly/25hyS0c
  13. it doesm't work beacuse the drivers doesn't load, i can see the menu to choose which driver i'd like to use, but i have only the one type of resolution and os x reads the card as a 960
  14. how can i disable the sip?