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  1. Not quite sure what this is. Which boot flags are you trying?
  2. Did you down the traditional route of App store or the combi downloader? This pesky Nvidia thing is really annoying. I actually remained on .102 version which is giving me much better scores but somewhat 'outdated' now. I hope with 10.3.4 we'll see a proper Nvidia driver fix. @Slurpi you're still on iMac smbios right, or did you go for iMacPro? S
  3. Hi guys, Thought I'd post in here to see if anyone has installed the 10.3.3 supplemental update yet (and Nvidia drivers etc) and if so, what the outcome was? I've missed you all and the forum bants. Z
  4. Just to add to this. I also rolled back to the .104 driver and saw no performance increase at all. GB compute is within margin of error difference on both .104 and .156 now at 143k more or less. Slurpi and I are both running almost identical setups (my GTX 1070 is the Asus Dual OC) but I'd imagine performance from both should be pretty much the same. Since I saw no performance boost on .104 I've gone back to the most up-to-date and hope for another Nvidia update soon .
  5. Just to add to this a couple of points. I also updated to newest webdrivers adn although I didn't see any of the lag or stuttering issues I've lost 30000 points on Geekbench compute scores. Down from ~170k to ~142k so I don't think these webdrivers are optimized. In regards to the iMacPro SMBIOS. I changed to that after adding the correct line to platformsupport.plist via Vim and after selecting "Boot Mac os X " I get a black screen for 2-3 seconds then an instant shutdown, no restart, no error screen just a shutdown. I think I'll stay on 18,3 for now and possibly move back to the last Nvidia Webdrivers also, otherwise all works well.
  6. 10.13.3 (17D47) update went fine. Now just need to wait for Nvidia to sort out the web driver as I'm in VESA Mode. If I was to update SMBIOS to iMacPro can I use 1070 out the box without waiting for webdrivers?
  7. Surf, Thanks for that. I plan to update to 10.13.3 then make an iMac pro install package and try what you say. Can you tell me where I can download this iMac Pro specific package? thanks,
  8. Just cloning my boot drive then taking the plunge. Once I update I'll hit up the iMacPro SMBIOS and see what happens...
  9. Thanks for the response. I'm on 17C205. If it's not a difficult mod I'd be comfortable fixing it I think. What are the issues I should change exactly? It is out! I'll read up on somethings first before updating. Any suggestions at your end do let me know too!
  10. Fabiosun, Thanks for the offer and I've attached my config.plist and screenshot of kexts used. I'm happy to move into SMBIOS iMacpro also if you think that would help and any suggestions on how I should that without killing my machine would be great. I think if I load SMBIOS iMacPro and delete a couple of kernel patches in clover along with deleting the graphicsfix.kext / lilu.kext it should work ok? I'd like the have native XCPM management too. Let me know what you think and I appreciate your help on this. config_bck.plist.zip
  11. To answer my own question: If I don't replace the emuvariable64.efi none of the settings in Clover options are saved. So when applying 'nvidia graphics' for example, I still load into VESA. Once It's reapplied in EFI, the options are saved correctly.
  12. "Installing on High Sierra" ;] Thanks for your help. It was the emuvariable64.efi that was stopping this. Should I reinstall the emuvariable64.efi it afterwards or is it not necessary? Thanks again.
  13. Hey, I think I do have that driver installed. I thought it was necessary to save some of the boot settings such as clover options on boot? I can delete it and try again to get back to you.
  14. This is very possible! I trust you are correct so I will just wait for now and hopefully not get backdoored in the next week or two before 10.13.3 is released. if it doesn't install either then I will try fresh install and download everything once more. thanks again!
  15. Hi, Yes deleted and resinstalled from terminal. After deleting and rebooting not even App Store recognizes the new supplemental update. Only way I can get it now is via terminal. I will try the combo updater now as a last resort. I think 10.13.3 will be out very soon so hopefully that will install with more luck.