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  1. For sound I used the attached two kexts with kexthelper and they work for me. Audio.zip
  2. What did you use to enable the onboard video to work properly?
  3. Can you tell me the name of the boot disc you used?
  4. Looking forward to your tutorial as I have the same board.
  5. Sorry Posted in the wrong thread.
  6. -x-

    Leopard on a Shuttle K45 - MiniHack

    GreyMD that kext you posted earlier fixed my shutdown issue several weeks back. Did you try it?
  7. -x-

    Leopard on a Shuttle K45 - MiniHack

    Has anyone had any success with time machine and a retail install on the K45?
  8. I get the same exact problem. I have a MSI NEO 4 Plat. with a Athlon 64 Venice Core (supports sse3), and a Ati X800XL for video. I have the 10.4.3 8f1099 dmg. Converted it with Ultra ISO to a standard ISO then patched with the Maxxuss DVD-ISO Patcher for 8F1099 v1.1a. Then I burned the iso. When the Darwin loader came up I used the default kernel and it gave me the grey reboot screen. I then tried all the other kernels and the same problem all over again the grey and black reboot screen. Am I missing something here? I ran it in diagnostice and get a no kdp_poll; no debugger device error after a kernel panic. What does that mean?