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  1. Issues with Sound/Video working together?

    If you're using Kalyway, you should have Kext Helper installed. What happens if you install the video and audio kexts with that ?
  2. Tiger to Leopard?

    Why not just install Leo on a second partition - then you can get it working before you migrate.
  3. Disc in DVD drive is not detected.

    Thanks for your excellent install guide. While it isn't a very helpful suggestion, I'm wondering if it is simply a drive firmware issue. Another possibility though - my Pioneer 215 SATA DVD sometimes does that under Leopard (Kalyway 10.5.1). It sometimes disappears completely also. It's attached to one of the J-Micron purple ports on my P35-DS3P. Could general DVD drive flakiness be a bug in Leopard ?
  4. Long time booting Leopard 10.5.2 problem

    Installing kalyway's kernel update (you'll find it at the same place) fixes this.
  5. Bios clock hour back after osx86 boot

    OSx86 tips&tricks
  6. Kalyway --------> [3] major problems

    Many people have this problem if the volume name contains spaces. Try renaming the volume with disk utility and do not use spaces.
  7. What chipset does the machine have ? Tiger is definitely possible on an SSE2 machine, not sure whether the patched Leo versions actually work with SSE2 .
  8. problem with windows time

    Do the From the link above. It's easy and it works. RealTimeIsUniversal never worked for me.
  9. Internal Drive as External...?

    I thought that this was a normal consequence of using SATA drives with the AHCI BIOS - they are then hot-pluggable and so are displayed as removable.
  10. Hmmm. My specs: Kalyway 10.5.1 P35-DS3P Q6600 2G DDR 667 2 X 500 Gb WD SATA Pioneer SATA DVD-RW Winfast 8600GT 512 Mb Router : Monowall I haven't had this problem. What happens if you manually mount the shares from Go-Connect to Server ?
  11. Want to get Kalyway, bundled viruses?

    If that were the case, don't you think that there would be a large number of posts on the forum about the issue ?
  12. chipset incompatible?

    As I understand it, that is correct.
  13. Grub won't boot Tiger

    Grub partition numbering starts at 0, so for /dev/sda7, the grub entry would be (hd0,6) ...
  14. INsallation failed Kalyway DVD

    Blinking Cursor