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  1. So I just bought (waiting for shipment) a lenovo x120-e and I was toying with the idea of getting OSX on it. I'm not new to OSX, Ive installed it on several Intel desktops in the past and loved it. My concern, however, is the ongoing support for AMD chips. I was wondering if there was any development with the new AMD Fusion processors, namely the e-350 with GPU onboard. The x120-e I got has: AMD Fusion Processor E-350 (1.6Ghz, 1MB L2, 1.0GHz FSB) 2.0GT/sAMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics, AMD Fusion Processor E-350 (1.6Ghz, 1MB L2, 1.0GHz FSB) 2.0GT/s2 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz SODIMM Memory (1 DIMM) at 1066MHzThinkPad b/g/n Any info on future AMD supoprt and current support of this processor would be much appreciated!
  2. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    Ok, so heres an update. Ive been so busy with school (18 credits this quarter), Formula SAE, and work 20 hours a week on top of that. So after getting it installed once and messing up the partition, i reinstalled. Now i am getting "waiting for root device" error. anyone have suggestions besides "search" because ive done that...
  3. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    USB worked flawlessly. Thats actually how i got the marvell driver installed. I tried everything i could find for the video drivers and nothing unlocked differnt resolutions. I was searching for a solution to the shutdown, sleep, wakeup problem and havent had any luck. It begins to go to sleep by shutting down the HD but then it just sits there and "wakes up" when you move the mouse. I tried a few things but it just messed the entire thing up. I am experimenting with modified kernels on the ipc disc. I recommend you download the NON-Live version as it will boot/install faster.
  4. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    *scratch that yukon Marvell 88E8056 is working perfectly after downloading the yukon kext i have attached... just in case anyone is looking for it.... Working on the video issues right now.
  5. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    Yes thanks. I tried to reply yesterday but apparently there is an issue with IE on this forum and after composing a post for 10 min it woldnt go... BUt anyway. I downloaded a different installer this time i used an iPC 10.5.6 installer and everything went smoothly this time. The only issues i have are with the on board ethernet and the graphics. I have yet to search for solutions. I am currently running my vista partition and searching the net for drivers. Good news is that the audio worked out of the box and osx is (as usual) much faster than VIsta. But then again, what isnt? -Brian-
  6. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    Nah... I think im gonna try another version to see if that will work Thanks though
  7. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    OK, heres what i have: Pheonix Award Bios 6.0PG 11/4/08 Lakeport-6A79HH2EC-00 (Serial number??) Surfed around the bios a little again and I'm very surprised at how few settings there are. Rather, there are few USEFUL settings.... It really looks like the bios from my first 386 minus the USB and boot configurations. Ive been at it a while too. Taught myself about computers on that first 386 with dos and windows 3.1 Those were the days... -B-
  8. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    Thanks a ton.... I am not home at the moment but i will check my bios rev. and let you know. I believe i checked all those settings. I found an older tutorial for a kalyway install on this setup and it mentioned to change those values. It still didnt work. -B-
  9. Iatkos 5i install on Shuttle K45 Halts

    Yeah, that was the first thing i did, restore default settings. Ive been playing with the bios trying different settings. Unfortunately the bios is very limited in config. I was trying to find where to set the SATA settings to AHCI but i cant locate it. BTW. are you running the newest bios revision? I just got mine back from Shuttle for warantee repair of a connector and they updated the bios without me asking... *EDIT* How did you add the usb ports to the front??? I would love to see pics. I know there are two spaces for them in teh plastic bezel but i havent found a clean way to do it yet.
  10. Basically the title says it all. Clean install good dvd.b Core 2 duo, 2g ram, ide DVD rom, SATA HD Ive run osx86 before but i cant seem to get iatkos 5i to install. Patition Format and set active partition Boots DVD fine Disk utility to format the partition i want configure install and click install Check DVD Install starts, progress bar has about 1/8" on it and then I hear the HD spin down and installation halts. The installer is not locked up or anything, i can still use quit installer to restart and everything. it just stops installing. It does the same thing with iatkos 4. Any ideas? -Brian-
  11. Badaxe2 network problems Linksys LNE100TX

    An update of sorts.... I found that if i leave the network settings on "BootP" when I wake up the computer it connects. It takes about 30 seconds but it will refresh itself. I also have my router to reserve a specific IP for this computer so that it will automatically give it the same IP every time.
  12. Badaxe2 network problems Linksys LNE100TX

    nothing? i was hoping someone would have some insight....
  13. I know this is a somewhat dated card however it was the only one i had on hand. I am trying to get my badaxe running 10.5.4 to connect to my dlink router via the onboard ethernet. When first setup it works flawlessly but once i sleep/resume or restart osx will not recognize and ethernet connection. I have to refresh it by applying a Bootp type and then re applying DHCP. When connected directly to my cable modem via ethernet there is no issue with suspend resume and it connects with no problem. I have tried looking for a driver/fix for the linksys card and came up with the TULIP kext but the only info i can find is for 10.4 releases. If anyone has any suggestions pertaining to either the onboard or PCI card that would be great. -Brian-
  14. unfortunately i cant say that i have left windows 100% behind me. As a machinist/engineer i rely on wondows only programs such as autocad and Soldiworks and for that reason alone i have a 60gb hd with windows on it. I havent booted to windows in over 3 weeks now. i love my hackintosh! I only hope that in the future Apple will consider supporting non-proprietary hardware and allow us to do this legally. Bad Axe2 Core 2 Duo 2.4 4g ram Geforce 7600gt OSX 10.5.2
  15. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    forgive my ignorance... but why would this work with the badaxe2 and the STA9247D? Also, what is Taruga's website.? google didn't help. Thanks.