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  1. DSDT for Intel DP45SG motherboard

    For audio make sure your voodoohda is installed in the /system/library/extensions folder and then hit system preferences/sound and select the right output. The LAN should be the INTEL82566MM.kext, make sure it is for 32 or 64 bit depending on your setup.. install that to the same directory as above and you should have Gigabit ethernet. good luck, koushka
  2. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    I noticed that if I turn the mic down in system preferences under sound the background noise goes down a considerable level just to let you know if you are using voodoohda. koushka
  3. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    Nice you were able to get all that precious data back! Yep you guessed it a SATA DVD, in fact a pioneer DVR-212D. However on my brother's which I installed with the retail DVD I used a weird SATA DVD drive that I can't recall the name of but it worked as well, I think if your chipset is supported natively you should be ok, which the ich10 is as of 10.5.7. Maybe the machine you are backing up from doesn't allow 64 bit booting, I recall reading that not all macs can boot into 64 bit maybe that is the problem rather then the board. Empire EFI had a new release (v.1085) grab it and boot from that and then insert the DVD and see if that will do it for you, that is how it booted for me. Make sure you grab the 64bit compatible kexts: my extra folder contains: fakesmc (v.2.5) NullCPUpowermanagement openhaltrestart platformUUID (with my machine's mac address edited into the info.plist) voodoohda (latest release, found it on stell's blog) then in the S/L/Extensions I had to put the 64 bit Intel82566MM.kext only way I could get it working. hope that helps, ok so I grabbed the experimental iousbfamily kext off of this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...7029&st=360 from post #380 and so far so good. koushka
  4. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    Ok so with the retail DVD I can install and update to 10.6.2 with sound, internet, and graphics fine. However the USB is broken. I am still trying to figure it out. Just using the stock usb stuff right now (which doesn't allow hot swapping but keyboard and mouse works fine as long as you don't add anything or take anything away on the usb ) will try slice's usb from 10.5.8 and other things as well. I am hoping to put something in the dsdt to make it think it has a real mac's usb but those are dreams I fear. I am using voodoohda, intel82566mm.kext for lan, and netkas 10.5 boot option for graphics. I am also booting into 64 bit too which is very nice. Will keep updating if I find something that works half way decent. Dan, do you have issues with the USB on your time machine backup one? Oh I forgot to say I did all this without disabling legacy USB in the bios, can't stand to have the PS2 keyboard laying around koushka
  5. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    So, as a Christmas present Snow leopard DVD, and viola posting from Snow leo on the intel board! I will detail it out when I get some time later in the weekend or on Monday should be before that though, have to go thru and make sure I have all the steps right, actually wasn't too bad, went right in when I disabled the USB legacy and used a PS2 keyboard, thanks Dan. koushka
  6. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    Well don't I feel sheepish about the PS2 keyboard, that is how mac I am don't even think about that stuff ha. I have been trying to boot 64 bit will try to do the 32 maybe that is what is going on, great idea. Will try some of your kexts too. Thanks for the info. We will get there. Just need some time and creative thinking. koushka
  7. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    Well that is good news indeed Dan, thanks for the update. Unfortunately I only have powerpc macs around. I almost have the retail snow booting, I restored it to another hard drive and keep trying to boot it up, makes it to the gray screen right before it gets to languages and hangs. Sounds like something is missing from your boot going to the usb to the hard drive for the 8800. So now you can you use chameleon to boot it up say with the netkas 10.5 boot file after you restored from time machine? If so that would recognize your card just fine. Are you able to use the a usb keyboard when you turn off legacy usb in the bios? I will have to switch my boot options and try to get it to work that way maybe bypassing the usb problem. Anyway, great job now we have at least some hope to get it going. koushka ps Merry Christmas
  8. Intel DP43TF and Snow Leopard

    My hardware: DP43tf q6700 proc 9800GTX 4 GB Ram and I am posting this from it on 10.5.7 haven't updated 10.5.8 because I am trying to get snow running but updated quicktime, itunes and safari from apple and worked fine. I used iAtkos V.7 Everything worked from start: -make sure you change bios to load defaults then change sata to ahci and enable hpet and my hard drive is connected to either sata 0 or sata 1 can't remember(don't know if this is an issue or not just thought I would mention it just in case ), using a pioneer sata dvd to install too which is connected at sata 4 I think -for installation select chameleon v2, dsdt, sata-ahci(not the intel one), your video driver injector, voodoohda for sound, intel gigabit for network, and the usb fix. That is about all I remember from it anyway. it will hang with in the first part of installing for what seems like an eternity just let it go(20 to 40 minutes), it will finish installing I am having real trouble with Snow Leo, been trying for a long time, I believe another user got his going using empire efi but I have had no luck, the usb is not working right so I can't use the usb stick method to install so I am waiting for the arrival of a snow leo disk will let you know, I will keep working on it to see if i can find something with it. I get the waiting for root device too, its not grabbing the usb correctly from the bios for whatever reason, that is what i think our problem is. So I tried installing from Leo to another disk for snow leo, have done it but now it hangs on boot with the usb thing gets to loading dsmos and my vid card and just sits, not sure. good luck, koushka
  9. Thanks for updating your installer so quickly and making it work with usb drives, you rock! Hope you feel better koushka
  10. Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530

    weeze, that is exactly what I have going on. Ok I just didn't know if I had missed something or not. Here is my HPET from the dsdt that I have: Device (HPET) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0103")) Name (ATT3, ResourceTemplate () { IRQNoFlags () {0} IRQNoFlags () {8} Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite, 0xFED00000, // Address Base 0x00000400, // Address Length ) }) I noticed that too with the KP's after uninstalling the nullpower kext, so you think adding some CPU Identifiers might work, well, if I knew where to put them I would try, but I feel I am more novice then you Good luck! Splonk what are you using to get the shutdown to work where it powers off, what are your bios settings as well for the shutdown, running a Q6600 here too.
  11. Snow Leopard on Inspiron 530

    First, thanks guys for all the hard work you have put in for making this a breeze for me , Two things: I can't seem to get sleep or shutdown working right. Sleep it never wakes up and shutdown just causes a reboot. My thought was the bios flag its set to s3 as of now, any thoughts? Also, weeze I have been trying to get rid of the long boot using your method and then dsdtse. My dsdt has both HPET fix with the IRQ Flags and the RTC fix of changing length from 4 to 2 and when I uninstall the nullcpupower kext, Kernal panic on boot. Thanks in advance, Koushka