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  1. hello insanelymac, i have recently made a mackintosh out of my pc, but atm i have some annoying problems with games on the mackintosh. my mouse isn't moving, but once i click 1 mouse button, it instantly moves to the place moved to. so, i am playing cs:go but my cursor isn't moving(but i am moving my mouse), i hit the right mouse key(or any other mouse button), and i instantly turned 180 degree. is there a way to fix this? (League of Legends worked when i turned off software mouse settings but cs:go doesn't have those settings) sincerely, Benvo
  2. what distro do you recommend? i haven't got a mac(book) at the moment so i can't get the official one.
  3. hey everyone, first of all let me introduce myself. I am Benvo. i am trying to install Yosemite on my PC the specs for my pc are: gigabye ga-z97m-ds3h motherboard 8gb corsair ballistix tactical RAM intel i5-4690 CPU MSI gtx 950 gaming 2g GPU these are the specs i am trying to run yosemite on. i succeeded the installation process but after i can just start it like normal(with bootflag nv_disable=1) but its really slow. i saw that for my gpu driver i needed to update to 10.10.5 but i cant go further than 10.10.2 after the 10.10.2 installation, the next restart i am doing will give me a nanoseconds error(it doesn't matter what bootflags i am using) could anyone help me? i have no idea what i am doing wrong. (i am using yosemite-zone)