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  1. Hi, I installed iAtkos v4i on my Dell 1520 (T7250, 160gb HDD, 8600GT 256mb) and installed this dell package as well. I get my audio and battery metter to work, but can't get the graphics card working - I tried installing NVinject separately, but no success - still can't change the resolution, can someone help me please? Thank you, Benjamin. EDIT: I got it to work, but now shutdown/restart/sleep don't work, is there a fix or a way to get this working? :censored2: Thanks.
  2. Kaly thanks for this release, everything works for me with vanilla kernel, audio, gfx, ethernet OOB. There's only one thing bothering me. My model identifier is showing System product name - it's nothing crucial, but if it can be fixed, i would be happy Here's a picture: http://shrani.si/f/31/iZ/1MagrfmK/1/skrin.tif
  3. Nice application, I only have one question. Can I use your programe to edit this strings (System product name): http://shrani.si/f/31/iZ/1MagrfmK/1/skrin.tif
  4. Unlocking Apps, know the truth

    OK. I'll use ZiPhone for activating and PWNage tool for Jailbreak and Unlock, and I don't select the update BL in Pwnage tool, right? Thank you, Benjamin.
  5. PWNage confusion

    When activating&jailbreaking&unlocking iPhone with Pwnage tool what should I select under General? Activate and Enable Baseband update, what about update Bootloader? Thank you, Benjamin.
  6. Unlocking Apps, know the truth

    What's wrong if you unlock iPhone with ZiPhone and downgrade the BL to 3.9?
  7. Dvd wont boot, /com/apple.boot.plist error

    It boots with me, and then I get Sam Multimedia: READ or WRITE failed error that just keep on repeating.
  8. Dvd wont boot, /com/apple.boot.plist error

    I installed Kalyway 10.5.1 on P5B Deluxe with USB DVD drive. Now I bought IDE-to-USB converter and it's not working, it boots into disc but then just keeps on repeating one error. Will it work with a SATA DVD drive?
  9. Hi, I tried to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on Asus P5B Deluxe. I have the Nec IDE DVD drive on Jmicron so when I put the disc in all I got was the com.apple.Boot.plist error. I bought the IDE-to-USB converter and it boots the Kalyway disc, but just repeats another error, is there another way to get this thing working or do I have to buy a SATA DVD drive? Thank you, Benjamin.
  10. Installer on Itouch

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egtWPJXN_-k
  11. You think It's the same ordering online from them? You pay for the iPhone, unlock it, and avoid the contract?
  12. Hi, does anybody know if you order iPhone online from Carphone warehouse, you give your credit card number, and you don't activate it on O2 when you get it, the contract doesn't start right? Thank you, Benjamin.
  13. So you think it's better to order online from O2?
  14. Anyone? Please! I really need to know, when does the contract start, when you order it online and give your credit card number or when you get the phone, and activate it through iTunes? Thank you!
  15. What about ordering online from carphone warehouse, is there any difference with avoiding the contract?