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  1. try this: http://apple2pc.blogspot.com/2008/04/shift...te-without.html
  2. its not the question of forcing them (apple) to do something (like make OSX available on a PC platform), but it is more of a case to allow others to do what ever they wish (like sell the software installed on a PC without apple preventing it)! i think it was a smart and souragiouse move from Psystat side, apple sude them for selling OSX installed on something "other then Mac", Apple mistake is to ask the court to collect all solled hackintosh from the clients, by that leaving Psystar with nothing to lose, (if the trial is lost then they gain nothing of the publisity, all increased sell will have to be collected and reimburse, if they won then Psystar should make the trial as loud as they can so sell will rise. hence the counter sue, it is my opinion that if the "collect all solled Hackintosh..." demand wasnt on the table then the counter sue would not occure, also do know that as much as we are angree with Psystar they are still fighting for all of us (although its not their intention, they can't help it), if they win, then the whole OSX for MAC only will disappear and other sellers might arise, perhaps we will see dell, LG, and other manufacturers making OSX available on their hazrdware once it is legal to do so, also software and hardware companies might perfect the hackintosh procedure, and write OSX drivers for the PC platform etc. it will be good for us that Psystar will win.
  3. Leopard 10.5.2 - Hebrew

    you do not have to identify, i used aaa@bbb.ccc as email and 11-11111111 as phone... you get the idea also i downloaded the pack and shared it here: part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and the trash bug fix: http://shay.hackintosh.googlepages.com/TrashFix.zip Enjoy.
  4. Leopard 10.5.2 - Hebrew

    just so you will know, iDigital released this week the 10.5.4 hebrew package and it is available free from here: http://idigital.co.il/hebrew its about 25M, Enjoy.