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  1. Hi, I have a question regarding booting multiple OSs. I don't know if this forum is the correct one, so bear with me. I have a 2006 MacPro, I wanted to install Mavericks and so I had to setup a boot loader and what not. I did everything and Mavericks works. I have one problem: if I reinstall my HD with windows in it, chameleon stops working. When I pull the HD with windows back out, I have to re-bless the startup disk (with chameleon), to have it work again. I have read that I can reinstall windows and use the installation disk to set up the partitions in a certain way for it to work, but I would like to keep my Windows partition intact. Is there any way to do that? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I don't use Windows much, but I do use it, and so I would like to have it back up and running. Thank you for any suggestion.
  2. Works for me with kalyway, but after I reboot for the first time, the system "updates the caches" and I'm back to square one.... Any suggestions? Re-removing the caches works, but... as soon as reboot occurs... there we are again... I posted a thread about this as well in the main page... Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone. I need help with this. I have installed using Kalyway. It worked fine after a few tweaks and attempts, the system boots OK, I can create a user and what not, everything (excluding video drivers and sound, I haven't got there yet), seems to be OK. Problem is, after the first reboot, the computer says (not everytime): "updating boot caches, system will reboot once finished" or something along that line. As I reboot, there is my error "you must restart your computer". It is a problem with ACPI {censored}, which is what has given me grief from the get go. I have changed some kexts (ACPIs) with the Jas ones, as it is suggested in this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=78235 and the procedure seems to work, but as soon as I go restart, something "updates" or changes the caches and there I am with the same boot problem again. If I remove the system/library/extensions/caches folder and the system/library/caches folder and the system/library/extensions.mkext and go for a reboot, everything is good again. Can anybody please help me with this? I am really puzzled and hopelessly stuck... Please, give me a hand. Giovanni
  4. Edit to my original post. The files being replaced are the "appledriver" (I believe) type of files, not the kexts as I originally indicated. I apologize for the error. In any case, I am still stuck with the problem. Installation works no problem. I have also tried to patch the kexts, the kexts are still those I patched, the boot process moves on up to the moment in which I see: "using 5242 buffer headers and xxxx cluster IO buffer headers". And that's the extent of my progress. Please help, I am very demoralized. BTW, I have tried to install 10.4 in two different flavours, I have re-attempted the installation of 10.5 iATKOS, ToH, GM patched and Kalyway and the only two installations that complete without trouble are the GM patched and the Kalyway. Either way, the boot process stops at that point. Thank you.
  5. Hi and thank you ahead of time. I have searched my issue and found a fix (apparently). I installed the Kalyway on a MSI G31M with dual 1.6 GHz Intel and 1 gig memory. My situation is unique, as I own only Macs, and I just bought a mobo with CPU and memory to see if I could "revive" an old Blue & White Mac G3 Box. So, I have done all the "background work" on a Mac Pro, and I own a legal copy of Leopard. For this attempt I have downloaded the kalyway image. At first I had a lot of problems as the install wouldn't go through. I finally disabled sound and lan on the BIOS and the install went through like a breeze (I also updated the EFI to... v8 I guess?). I have the dual boot setup and working (it shows my Vista Drive and my Leo drive). If I choose to install in Leopard, the system hangs on the rolling icon under the Apple. It keeps spinning, but there is no action. I then went on with a cpus=1 -v -f -x and the computer goes through the load process and then stops at "using xxxx buffer headers and xxxx cluster IO buffer headers". So, I managed to find information on replacing the ACPI kexts. I did, but I ended up with the same problem. I checked the log above the "using..." and it appears that the OS is replacing the old ACPIs (v 1.03) with more recent versions (1.05) while booting! So, as far as I can understand, this is keeping me at the same spot. Now, I plugged the drive back into my MacPro and decided to remove the Cache folder in the /System/Library folder, and the Extensions.mkext, but after I remove them and empty the trash, they magically reappear!!! If somebody has any suggestions with this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your help again.