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  1. SATA controllers

    Hey, mine's not on the list, and its not seeing my hard drive. What do you do if your SATA controller doesn't work for Mac OS X x86? Or is there anything I can do?
  2. dock icons

    Well I am trying to install Mac on this pc I built but its not taking well... I've posted in OS X x86 forum trying to get help, and I am going to run XP, Linux Fedora Core 4, and x86 but I am having trouble with installing x86. It doesn't see my hrad drive, and thanks, nice site, I'm on it now
  3. Hey, I'm running RK Launcher, and I really like it, infact my whole WIndows XP portion of my hard drive is slowly turning into mac, it looks better and is easier to use. I know alot of you all are on pc's or are on Mac's and I have searched th web from top to bottom for real mac dock icons, in PNG format, and well its not too great. I'm wondering if any of you all with that nice Mac OS X would save/upload however you do it some app's icons in PNG format, so I can use them, if you all don't mind this would be Greatly appreciated! -Ethan Apps I need: Photoshop Imageready Word Powerpoint Excel Mail [the postage stamp one] iChat address book dashboard spring link quicktime itunes safari lightswitch trash can? burn logo dreamweaver fireworks flash If anyone can post any of these that'd be great!
  4. I can't install on a Toshiba Laptop

    yo i don't know spanish consideering this is a majority english board, everything is written in english, if you can read it, write in english and help us americans and english speaking people out please i tried my konfabulator widget on a translation? quote: test formateando your free space destined to OSX like fat32 (in Windows). Soon, when initiating with dvd of installation it selects that partition with diskutilities and it reformats soon to hfsplus. installs. PS: why exponerte to put your name and place of real contact if you use something illegal? I suggest to you I agree with what i understand of this, but I still am a little lost as to what you do about this?
  5. hard drives

    well I am stopping in a again, I have a 160g hard drive on sata, and a old ocmputer with like 3.5 gig or osmething crapy IDE hard drive, now if i take it out, wipe it [had windows 95 w/ 98 upgrade] and pop it in my computer along with my sata, can i install it on that ide hard drive, and transfer it over to the sata hard drive? because i need to use my sata, and i thought there was something about after updates, or once installed you can move things around? thanks a bunch
  6. No Hard Drive using SATA

    I tried disk utility but see it doesn't recognize it, I'm posting more of because I want to know if I can update my controller or a different hardware configuration, using the SATA hard drive i have, i don't have the budget for another hard drive... getting ready to buy a Dean baby ML hee hee
  7. Help installing

    well here's the thing, i bought a 160G SATA hard drive, and it only has SATA and SATA power ports, no IDE ports come on SATA hard drives.
  8. Bringing Games to Intel Macs

    running Battlefield on my x86 pc, under OS X.... that'd be awesome!
  9. No Hard Drive using SATA

    I built my computer and knew i wnated SATA for my hard drive. I had Windows XP Home Edition running great [i paid for it, not pirated] dual booting with Linux: Fedora Core 4- x86 and this was also running perfect, along with a server running in fedora, and both dual booted flawlessly. Now a friend tells me i can install Mac OS X on my x86 PC! I'm like great, don't know much about it all but sounds awesome, so he sends me a dvd, and it boots... All is well untill it hits the 'select a drive to install on' part, and well the problem is, nothings there. My Computer: [built myself might i add] CPU: AMD 64-bit 3000+ socket 754 Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo Platinum with nForce3 Video card: VGA MSI nVidia GeForce FX 5200 RAM: single channel 512MB stick Hard Drive: Samsung 160 Gig SATA OS's used: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 DVD [bought] Ubuntu Linux 3 DVD [open source] Fedora Core Linux 3 CD [open source] Fedora Core Linux 4 x86 DVD [open source] --Dual Boot WinXP | Fedora Core 4 any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. 10.4.3 install cd doesnt boot

    don't want to say your stupid [cause i'm not] but did you all make sure your cd's/dvd's are burned .iso files? or did you burn either A: the file you got on your desktop after downloading it [a folder] B: a .rar [ you didn't extract it!] C: extracted the .iso and burned it these are things i've learned not ot do when learning how to burn images or iso's for linux
  11. OSX on my PC, my experience ...

    i wish i knew polish, i know german, but i'll be simple in english. I have SATA, not working, not sure what to do...
  12. Help installing

    i'm having the same problem, http://www.nathanbolender.com coolnat says my motherboard's SATA controller isn't recognized by Mac OS X, well I don't know what to do or change, i have a MSI K8N Neo Platinum mobo for AMD 64-bit socket 754 link: http://www.msi.com.tw/program/products/mai...ail.php?UID=572 but i don't know what to change... Symptoms: disk boots fine, but when i get to selecting where to install i have nothing to pick from, i'm using a Samsung 160G hard drive on SATA, i've had Linux Fedora Core 4 dual booting with my copy of WinXP [NOT pirated] and it runs great, so i don't know what to do, like what to try changing and all that? thanks, any help is greatly appreciated