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  1. try key below "ESC" key. (with & w/o SHIFT)
  2. HDA_8600MGT256_FW400.plist.zip Try to compile this plist with gfxstring and insert new hex code in plist. I'm not currently on osx, otherwise I would compile it
  3. Try to insert code from this hex file in boot plist HDALC888.hex.zip
  4. As I'm aware of, Intel wireless & ATI graphic cards like 3950 are not fully or not supported by the OS X. BCM5787 ethernet is working, but some small system tweaking is needeed (see the first post in the topic). I have this habbit to the mark the modded kext in /S/L/E with color for making them distinguishable from the original kext's when looking inside /S/L/E with Finder. And that's all the mystery Changing <data> to <string> could work if you remove <> tags from the NVCAP value. But, I'm not 100% shure about that, more like 99% . Try it with making few different modded NVInject kext's along the original NVInject.kext inside some folder and learn how to install them manually (cp -R ... , chmod -R .... , chown -R ... procedure) from the single-user terminal (-s boot mode) if something goes wrong. That one is the ACPI table related problem, but resolving this needs some time (but not so much) to figure out ACPI asm syntax first. This problem is allready solved on 5920G with boot parameter USBFix=Yes or UHCIreset=Yes. A little update: here is simple online data translator http://home2.paulschou.net/tools/xlate/ enter BAAAAAAABQACAAAAAAAABwAAAAA= in BASE64 field and press <DECODE> button. In DEC/CHAR field you will get 4 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 0 0 0 0. enter 04010101 0e000100 0e000000 0000010b 01000000 in the HEX field and press <DECODE>. In BASE64 field you will get BAEBAQ4AAQAOAAAAAAABCwEAAAA=. BAEBAQ4AAQAOAAAAAAABCwEAAAA= is the data that I'm using for working HDMI/VGA outputs, but S-video is not working.
  5. I'm on 10.5.8 update about 10 days or so and it's working just fine. Also installed Chameleon 2.0 RC2 without issues. In the meantime I tried something with DSDT table taken from MBP3,1 and got sleep and hibernate working but only without AppleBCM5787MEthernet.kext in /S/L/E. With BCM5787 installed, sleep is not working.
  6. try this one: <04010101 0e000100 0e000000 0000010b 01000000>
  7. Remove ALC888STNotebook.kext, it's meant to be used on Asus M50SV (or something like that) notebook, and it is not properly configured for 5920G. Use Acer5920GHDA.kext instead. Here is vanilla AppleHDA: AppleHDA_vanilla1056.zip Btw. I found mostly working gfx efi string for 8600M GT 512MB (LCD&HDMI&VGA, w/o TV-out), but it should also work with 256MB card. Credit goes to cyclonfr and his 8800 GT string. Efi strings for both are included in the next package (among the other stuff): Acer5920G_collection_v0.1.zip
  8. well, really all credits goes to VooD as he started this topic and to developers/researchers (netkas, Taruga, superhai, voodoo team, The King, mackerintel and others). I was just doing combination of their solutions for problems. My next step is to resolve proper gfx efi string for 8600M GT 512MB (maybe snow leo could work afterwards ), and maybe later to try to rewrite included generic uvc driver in macam 0.9.2 for Acer's Crystal Eye. I can't help you with that, except advice not to unplug the usb storage :D
  9. I don't know if ALC888STNotebook.kext will give autoswitching on HP out and Mic in, you can try that by plugging headphones jack in both jacks and checking response inside Sound system preferences. But, I'm advising you to use Acer5920GHDA.kext instead. Yes, you can go to 10.5.6 update. I'm using 10.5.6 practically from the beginning. Everything is working as described in my sig.
  10. I'm glad that it worked for you @all - I messed up efi string with alc885 code, now it's alc888. But, still don't know why is alc885 code working on my laptop Acer5920GHDAv1.1.zip This package is updated with alc888 efi string and little cleaned up folder.
  11. this is weird...In my case, all that I need is HDA EFI string inside com.apple.Boot.plist (or DSDT.aml with patched HDEF section) with Acer5920GHDA.kext in /S/L/E... Here is my /Extra folder.... Extra.zip just try to replace yours /Extra with this one, I made some alteration in efi string. And maybe...just maybe...maybe you have some slight variation in motherboard configuration. Send me ioreg dump with sudo ioreg -lw0 > ioregdump.txt from Terminal and if you have audio codec dump from linux if this doesn't work.
  12. It is ACPI related error, it looks like you can't use my DSDT.aml. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78235 Delete that DSDT.aml and try to compile your own DSDT.aml. I was using Chameleon-2.0-r431.pkg to install it, and with it came Extensions.mkext inside /Extra. Kexts inside /Extra/Extensions are maybe helpful, but not necessary. You can delete them. For USBBusFix=Yes, write this inside /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist file. <key>USBBusFix</key> <string>Yes</string>
  13. ignore that Notice As VooD already said: 1. - keep disabler.kext installed 2. - smbios.plist is not critical for system to work, so - no, you do not need it . 3. - SMexternalclock 200 is parameter inside smbios.plist. Google around for smbios.plist . In my case it helped IntelEnhancedSpeedStep.kext to work as it is meant to work (no more sound ticks from iTunes when some other cpu intensive application is active). But VoodooPower.kext looks like better option for C-state CPU power management. try it, there should not be any problems with overheating. Use official BIOS update v1.3813, that version has everything you need to run both cpu cores on OSX. Don't even think about it! Only rom that you can put inside your video card is one from vendor or slightly modified rom taken from your card. There is third option, very risky to do, but we will not talk about that not really... Did you run installation on clean disk or are there some other partitions on it (Windows maybe) ?
  14. Looks like it isn't really so good to write instructions in 03:00AM after hours and hours of typing zeroes and ones try this... copy DSDT.aml in system's root directory (aka /) copy com.apple.Boot.plist in /Extra install Acer5920GHDA.kext with Kext Helper ...reboot and see if sound works. If not, try to delete /Extra/Extensions.mkext with sudo rm /Extra/Extensions.mkext . If there is still no sound, I will try to reproduce the problem and find the solution. I'm currently solving issues on one i7+EX58-UD5 system, and found one interesting system patch installer...in next few days maybe one new package could come here
  15. 9a6paf

    need your great work on it

    No need for using USBBusFix and UHCIreset together. USBBusFix=Yes contains both UHCIReset=Yes and EHCIacquire=Yes fixes. So...is it working? Well, I decided not to enable sleep yet, so I'm using vanilla USB kext's. It seems that webcam is making problems during boot, it's connected on USB port and apparently is not waking properly during initialization process. I saw that somewhere on forum, but can't find that topic anymore. Injecting pinconfig and codec info inside dsdt table should enable using vanilla AppleHDA without using EFI strings inside com.apple.Boot.plist and injectors like HDAEnabler. Only thing that is needeed is plist only driver that gives info about correct routes from mixer to jacks. And also you have pinconfig inside that plist if there is need to make some correction....so, yes, plist overrides dsdt's pinconfig. As you can see, pinconfig inside dsdt are using only last two numbers from full pingconfig verbs. Last two days I'm having some problems with osx installation on i7(920)+EX58-UD5, and it's really time consuming process...so I will check your codec verbs as soon as I find a little bit more time