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  1. I didnt knew abow AppleGraphicControl.kext. But when I copied it to S/L/E, I couldnt boot anymore...so I reainstalled OS via recovery. Iam using SMBIOS Imac 15,1 with Nvidiafixup.kext and lilu for patching black screen caused by AMD SMBios version... I dont know what AGDPFix to use, when Nvidiafixup is injected...
  2. I know, but I dont even get both displays working. Its still running exactly like with stock MacOS driver, and about this mac shows 7mb vram... Some pople got it working according to screenshots...
  3. i did exactly that. Then i got backup on desktop. But after reboot there is no change. Still no acceleration... Am I missing something?
  4. what values have you put onto WebDriver updater? Were there any more steps necessary? Cant get it working...
  5. matrixhaj2

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Can anyone help with Nvidia drivers on GM? PLEASE
  6. matrixhaj2

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Can anyone post a way to spoof Nvidia driver for GM candidate version?
  7. matrixhaj2

    Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    I have read that Nvidia driver doesnt work in 10.13 yet. (It works only for older generation 2xx-9xx)... In 10.12 gtx 1xxx driver works "normally"
  8. matrixhaj2

    Audio Issues

    For AppleHDA use SSDT for specific card (yours would be nvidia maxwell) Second option would be VooDooHDA