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  1. benwinship

    What's your job?

    Video editor for TV adverts.
  2. benwinship

    Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    nirmalya is banned because Johnny Bravo isnt just not uncool, hes {censored} awesome.
  3. benwinship

    iphone 3G without contract

    From looking at the Swiss iPhone prices it leads me to believe that in the UK the prices for the 8gb/16gb PAYG iPhone will be £249/£299 respectively.
  4. benwinship

    iphone 3G ! got one ?

    When i got my 3g from O2 shop i asked out of curiosity and they told me September for PAYG. I would trust O2 over CPW if i was you.
  5. benwinship

    Where can I get an first Gen. iPhone

    Get the yellow Ad Paper, seen a 4gb for £115 in the Northeast one 2 weeks ago, make sure you get it on the Wednesday morning when it actually comes out though. EDIT : Just realised youre not from the UK, ignore this post.
  6. benwinship

    What languages do you speak?

    I speak English and Hebrew, although im not Jewish. A riddle for you to work out
  7. benwinship

    Take One, Leave One

    cricket english football or rugby
  8. benwinship

    iphone 3G ! got one ?

    Arrived at my local O2 shop at about 6:30am, was 15th person in line, shop opened at 8:02am (get it?), and i got in at 8:45am, all the computer systems were down because of every O2 shop in the country trying to use them at the same time, had to sign up for contract manually, still glad i got one though
  9. pfft you wish.

  10. Newcastle? Sunderland wins :P

  11. benwinship

    Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    Wayfarer247 is banned for making his signature in MS Paint.
  12. benwinship

    Data Only?

    It really seems as if the UK is getting the best deal as far as iPhone 3G plans go, here you can get 75 minutes, 150 texts and unlimited 3g data and wi-fi for £30 ($60).
  13. benwinship

    iphone 3G without contract

    You have to sign the contract in store. O2 in the UK have said that a PAYG iPhone 3G is coming "later on in the year".
  14. benwinship

    game "postal 2" for osx for free

    Yeah it was unreal, waiting 2 minutes to transfer from one part of the level to another is pretty {censored}.
  15. Says who? It isn't going to happen, stop getting wet over it.