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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey again. I think most of the problems with deep sleep arise from the fact that the sleepimage is deleted. This is what people always do as the image size (afaik) is the same size as your ram. What I think is the logic behind this is the RAM is written onto this sleepimage so it will correspond to your RAM size. You can check it by opening Finder>Go>"Go to Folder" and write /private/var/vm and see if there is a sleepimage file and make sure its the same size as your ram. Next you will need to check if hibernate is actually enable as I think a lot of distro (I assume JaS is) disable it to prevent sleepimage (2gig of useless space) to be formed. With my laptop: On Mains: - Close lid/sleep will black out the screen and I had to hold the power button down to power it off. When I restart it acts like the laptop goes into deepsleep at the time I put it to sleep. This I think what makes NC10s cant sleep on mains, it thinks its going into hibernate and write the ram onto the sleepimage (S2/S3-which I dont know anything about ) making it impossible to wake back up, but the kernel still thinks its going to sleep so it didnt power down at all. - Deep Sleep widget will make the screen go white for a sec and after 5 second or so all the power is gone. I boot back up and on the screen instead of apple boot logo (pc_efiv9 still have this instead of chameleon v6 which killed it) it said start hibernation, rotating ascii wheel and then Wake Kernel and it acts like ity just woke up from normal sleep, ie same state when I click on Deep Sleep widget (this I assume what hibernation does on a mac) On battery: - Close lid/sleep will make it go to normal sleep and pushing the power button will wake it back up. - Deep sleep widget acts exactly like mains. edit: to check the hibernatemode all you do is (in terminal) type "pmset -g" and paste it here, do it once when u plugged in and another one on battery. edit2: now I made some change to my hibernatemode so if it goes to sleep on battery, it will go to normal sleep and on mains it will go straight to deep sleep as normal sleep on mains is broken anyway. just for fun, my pmset -g on mains: Active Profiles: Battery Power -1 AC Power -1* Currently in use: sleep 0 displaysleep 5 autorestart 0 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage hibernatemode 1 halfdim 1 disksleep 10 ttyskeepawake 1 on battery Active Profiles: Battery Power -1* AC Power -1 Currently in use: sleep 10 displaysleep 2 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage hibernatemode 0 halfdim 1 disksleep 180 ttyskeepawake 1
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    What happen was I installed vanilla Leopard from DL install disc and then use chameleon bootloader with efi partition to ensure that System/Library/Extension is intact. I managed to get most of Mysticus hacked kext to work apart from the video so I use fixedAppleIntelGMA950.kext and fixedAppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext floating around the site ( I forgot where I got them but I have a copy). It was working beautifully apart from the fact that brightness control hack doesnt work and sleep works intermittently (not working most of the time). I then wanted to put Windows 7 on which is fine apart from the fact that chameleon cant see the damn partition and I am useless with vista bootloader business. So i make Vista partition active and installed easybcd 2.0 beta from Insanelymac and managed to boot into Leopard. This will install pc_efiv9 and in turn broke efi partition (actually Windows 7 broke it first but I cant fix the damn thing). I then copied my efi partition to S/L/E and eventhough sleep doesnt work, deep sleep does. P/s - I am now using Vista Bootloader with Windows 7 and Leopard on right now. If you want to know more specifics, by all mean post back.
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    +1 that it works with pc_efiv9 but with this u lose the ability to boot from efi partition so no more vanilla install. But if you are already installing NC10 dvd there shouldnt be any issue with it. The weird thing is deep sleep works better on my NC10 than "normal" sleep . edit: Now when I put it to sleep, all I get is black screen (my bad, I didnt use Mysticus hacked IntegratedFramebuffer kext) so I had to power it off by holding the power button. When I boot it back up, the bootloader thinks I am booting up from hibernation. edit2: I just tried deep sleep with mains on (using widget Deep Sleep Widget) and it works
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hi there mate, I just finished setting up w7 build 7000 and 10.5.6 dual boot using easybcd 2.0 beta floating around the forum. The main issue with this is that extension.mkext on EFI Partition is unusable so I had to install all the kexts into System/Library/Extensions loosing my totally vanilla install :censored2: This program will reinstall pc_efi_v9 for MacosX bootloader too. by looking at my bcdedit list, the path for macosx is /NST/NeoGrub.mbr with /NST/nst_mac.efi file in that folder. I can post that folder for you to try or you can bypass all that and use easyBCD 2.0 beta. Good luck
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I have 10.5.4 NC10 DVD running on my system and as advised I went out and bought a retail copy of Leopard for copyright purpose. But since I now have a retail copy I am thinking of doing it retail style (booting and Extension kexts in EFI partition). I know I shouldve done the research and the legwork myself but could you send me a zipped copy of the exact files you have on your /Volumes/EFI/ folder? Would save me a lot of hassle and from the look of it, you managed to get GFX EFIstring to work too so can I have your com.apple.boot.plist (or w/e its called, lol) so I can just install it and it works first time. I think a lot of other NC10 users would like to know what hacked extensions needed when you get to 10.5.6. too. Would like to know if Sleep works on your laptop too (lid/Fn+Esc/timed), especially with vanilla SystemConfiguration.bundle coz using a vanilla 10.5.4 or 10.5.5 broke my sleep (intermittently for some reason) Many thanks
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey guys, Great job on making the NC10 DVD dude, work fine on my machine. What I did: 1 - Disk Utility to partition as GUID and 2 partition 2 - Install NC10 DVD on 1st partition 3 - Install Vista32 on the second partition 4 - use boot132 USB key to get on Leopard as Vista broke the bootloader 5 - Install Chameleon bootloader 6 - Reboot to check that Leopard is fixed To get battery status back: 7 - Deleted Powermanagement.bundle 8 - Rename Powermanagement.bundle.orig (I assume the 10.5.4 vanilla) to powermanagement.Bundle 9 - Installed superhai's ACPIBattery.kext (Sleep works only on battery and from choosing Sleep from drop down menu or Fn-Esc only, closing the lid do nothing, just switched off display. May need clamshell.kext like the one eeePC 1000H user used, going to read more into it) To get proper processor name on About this Mac. 10 - Use OSX86Tools (Autoset CPU Info) Atom.tiff
  7. I tried this (the beta one with the installer) on my clean kalyway 10.5.1 > kalyway 10.5.2 update combo install. My ethernet (Yukon 88E8055) is working now but wifi is still dead (had that currentpowerstate issue). Is there a chance that the IOPCIFamily.kext only fix only some of my misconfigured BIOS setting? It only fix the one pci bus connected to my ethernet but did nothing to the one connected to my wifi? I checked the extension bit under SystemProfiler and AppleAirportBRCM4311.kext is loaded but nothing on my wifi. Can someone post a vanilla 10.5.2 IONetworking kext? I think Kalyway already changed the IONetworking kext for 10.5.1 DVD and no 10.5.2 kext is included in the update combo.
  8. Blu-Ray Wins The Format War!

    LOLOLOllolol remember Betamax vs. VHS? Yea, Sony really knows whats going to be the in thing, not the consumers/product support.
  9. at&t store refused to sell iphone to me

    I laugh so damn hard at your post. A LOT of people confused jailbreaking and unlocking, jailbreaking dont make Apple mad really but unlocking it to use on another provider, that is the beef. Apple got a cut from AT&T line rental they get from people that "use" the sim that came with the phone, jailbreaking just made them look bad but unlocking preventing them from making money.
  10. Marvell on Leopard (10.5)

    It seems like some laptop had problems with these LAN adapter, for some reason the kext loaded but the ethernet does not work. The kext probably loaded (and for it to be loaded, the Dev/Ven Id had to be correct) but there is something else preventing the LAN from working. I put the blame on PCI connectors/bridging and :censored2: .
  11. Dual boot and efi

    efi = OSX and vista = x64 xp is ok, i dual boot vista 32bit and osx using efi/darwin bootloader ethernet depends on what it is, if you have realtek 81w/e it seems like any build can use it. differences between each build is minor, you can always get kext from 1 build and add it to yours.
  12. I need some help.

    Try to do only 1 partition on your HD for now, you can always resized/repartition for other os later. Look for dual boot if you are interested. Looking at the problem page, it said that the problem (from previous post) in writing to /Volumes/Shared folder, wth? was that your problem?
  13. Just because people read your problem, does not mean they have a solution. It is always a good idea to delete the kext that you stuck at.
  14. PS/2 keyboard

    If you installed Kalyway, you will get KextHelper B7. Its in Application folder. Just drag the kext you want to install, put your password and click install. After that, reboot.
  15. Take One, Leave One

    Fractal Mine or Yours