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  1. Hi, Is there a Western Digital My Book Essential Edition icon somewhere for OSX? Thanks HDD> http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.as...amp;language=en
  2. Dodgy USB drivers!

    Hi, Has anyone else noticed the dodgy usb drivers that Apple has given us for Windows XP?. With me my USB stuff stops working, and I have to disconnect and reconnect to get them working. Has anyone found a fix for this?. Do we have to install the USB drivers?, because the USB ports work anyway. Thanks Sky
  3. Easiest way to get Vista on iMac?

    Wow that simple . Thanks
  4. Easiest way to get Vista on iMac?

  5. Easiest way to get Vista on iMac?

    Hi. Whats the easiest way to install the latest build of vista on my 17" iMac?. I will want to dual boot OSX and Vista, and have OSX as the default OS. I have searched the forum and i'm confused Thanks in advance Sky
  6. Stuffit Expander Universal beta

    I'm sure this has been out for a while. I've had the 10.1 Uni Beta for a while. Is this a new build?
  7. Who's going to buy a MAC now?

    Allready just brought 2 intel iMacs. A 17" and a 20". Lovely machines. Games look and run fantastic in windows xp as well. I'm very happy. And it's all down to OSX86Project.org Sky
  8. J2SE 5.0 Release 4 (Intel)

    Yeah, it is actually around 43MB
  9. J2SE 5.0 Release 4 (Intel)

    Download it here>> http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/j2s...ease4intel.html Reply if it works or not. Sky
  10. Ok thanks. So if I download the 10.4.5 iso, that would be used again for a 10.4.7 ppf as well?(when it comes out)
  11. Damn. Is there going to be a ppf for the 10.4.4 dvd?
  12. Will this ppf patch work on the original 10.4.4 Restore DVD?
  13. Hi, When I enter the Display/Colour prefrences, and then click on the colour profiles, nothing happens. Whereas it should change the look of the image on the monitor. How do I get this to work on my hackintosh? Thanks Sky
  14. Aperture 1.1 Released

    Download it via software update. App loads really fast. But doesent work correctly with me. Images dont show up, and importing images kinda hangs the application. Sky
  15. 10.4.4 Install DVD

    Lol, yeah