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  1. Hi Wishie, I have a dv2630ea laptop, i have tried your method with different versions of pflash and different bios revisions from hp but i cannot make the laptop come back to life, it reads the disk from the usb floppy fine, and it makes about 5 minutes of loud bleeps but it never powers down and i cannot get a display from the machine on reboot, any ideas what i am doing wrong? thanks Ben.
  2. Hey TopazBar, i like your little tutorial, seems like it should make my system bootable using just the first section, only problem is when i enter single user mode, ( black dos type screen ) it enters in read only mode, i access fdisk, updates ok but as soon as i try to write my changes i always get permission denied, im off to try this in the kernel of the installation disk hopefully this will still work, but how can i get write access at this stage as it is a lot faster than waiting for the installer to load properly to get to kernel as i need to use the safe mode, and verbose switches which seem to slow the process. thanks in advance. BEN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your AMAZING, THANK YOU, done you first section of code but from Terminal using my correct disc ( rdisk3 ) and for the first time, my laptop has given me an apple logo, on bootup without any discs or pen drives attached, thats good enough for now its getting late ( 04:20am but im happy enough to sleep now ) thank you UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. os x 86 Leopard Installation Troubles

    Im starting to think the same thing, ill try it im on fujitsu siemens amilo laptop, and if that fails then i suppose ill have to sacrifice the PC and see how that boots, thats probably the best thing really, could use a spare hdd, ill look back when i manage to get it working on my laptop and try to help you too
  4. Hi guys, currently having a few problems installing leopard, have followed many many tutorials, used the startup file tool, set partition to active bootable etc etc, the best i can get is a flashing cursor when installing on my second partition with vista on the first, or i can get to missing operating system with it the sole HFS+ partition on my hard drive, my first problem i overcame was booting into the installation, i overcame this using the safemode and verbose switches, -x -v this allows me to get to the install, after already creating the new partition with type=af so i can see it, have formatted to Mac Os x Extended ( journaled ) or HFS+ , i am getting to grips with the terminal and have manually patched each file, since when i have two partitions on my hard drive, my pen drive lets os x drop my MAC formatted partition so i have no access. if it helps i am running a HP dv2530ea laptop with Intel gm965 chipsets running on SSe3 so all should be pretty much compatible. if anyone has any ideas or could tell me where i might be going wrong i would be most grateful. ps have used nateleav76_mod patch and the older patch from the files.zip folder, i have also tried brazilmac;s release and ToH, both wont allow me to install Leopard so i can actually boot it. best regards BEN
  5. Missing operating system. . .

    Hi, i too am having this same problem, i have installed OS x many times, and i always get the same error whether i set the ID to AF, format with FAT32, or even when formatted with any of the options i get on the install menu, my computer always shows the same eror as yours, i thought that setting the partitions to active would have helped but it didnt, so if anyone has any ideas on howto resolve this please help! thanks in advance. Guys