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    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    my sound device is conexant. like in http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/Con.../0x14f15045.txt i try to to get dump codec with PCLINUXOS that headphone work and i paste on the icon and only get detected unsupported COnexant Codec how to fix it??i want to make the headphone work. now i using azalia out in the installer, also tell me how to remove the azalia check this dump http://diktus.000webhost.com/dump_codec.txt i can not send you a message so i post on here i hope you read it
  2. diktus

    Intel HD Audio

    how to dump the codec??i know the way to do this
  3. diktus

    conexant audio

    i think you should cek Azalia_Out it work on may SC conexant known as HD intel but the mic and headphone doesnt work
  4. well i use HP 520 with core duo it can stable use 2 core. can it fix by another way before flash bios mod?? i need you to mod this bios this the bios http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...EnvOID=1093#120 tell me how to restore if it fail update
  5. i dont know about tiger 10.4.10 x86 i found in a store and by it.after install my laptop can't boot. i used HP 520. Core duo T2300 945G GMA 950 512x2MB DDR 2 667 80gb SATA (not detect when install so i disable the native sata mode) lan VT 100 WLAN Intel pro wireless 3945 ABG installed with SSE3 (SSE2 Option uncheck) the error log: IO PCCARD info = intel PCIC Probe : not found IO PCCARD Bridge = start failed USB Caused wake event (EHCI) i82557 eeprom = checksum FF08 Incorrect intel 82577=couldn't allocated eeprom object i82557 ( eeprom : checksum e8F5 incorrect ) Please Help me
  6. when i finish and restart, doen't boot to system it show notice to reboot dan i hold on the power after this i can boot. but it happen when first boot and sometimes happen after enter the system installation use only efi_mbr dan then i try to use vanila kernel both are check but same doesnt resolve this problem used on my laptop HP 520 core duo T2300 945Gz with gmn 950 1 gb of ram 512x2
  7. I heard that intel pro wireless 3945abg not ready yet. what can i do to work with my wifi except change my wifi device??? does conexant sound card driver already???
  8. i use Mac OSX 10.4.4 Unleashed edition for x86. Specification of laptop: HP 520 Intel Core Duo T2300 512MB DDR2 Intel GMA 950 Intel Pro Wireless 3945 ABG Hard disk SATA 80GB Toshiba when i try to install on my laptop the hard disk not detect. Only DVD-RW detect. How to detect the hard disk???. Can inject the driver to the mac os installation like in windows XP???