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  1. I read that it's possible for a person with a mobileme account to trace an iphone with GPS. Well, i've lost my iphone, i don't have a mobileme and before i sign up for a membership (there's a free trial but you still need to enter a credit card number), I was wondering if anyone here has a mobileme membership. If it is possible to trace my iphone, I'd be super appreciative if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance, Corey
  2. i was going to tell them... he's right. i wasn't the one that posted the video here, though.
  3. i figured you guys might enjoy this...;-)

    i'd end up spilling coke on the mobo or something...
  4. Apple's 1984 Commercial

    i saw that commercial right after reading 1984 too
  5. Help installing

    uhh... i know that i used bootit ng and the diskpart that's integrated into windows xp.i didnt use acronis, unless acronis is some slang term for something in windows...
  6. Help installing

    ack... we tried to make it 50 GB. even though it was 10.4.1, im guessing it would still apply. and besides, ill be installing 10.4.3 next time iderf comes over. so thanks...
  7. Help installing

    I need help installing OS X86 10.4.1. The installer just won't the partition that i want to install it on. I basically won't see any partition at all. The partition i made for it is 50 GB and in FAT32 format. Any suggestions?