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  1. saGat

    My call with Apple Support

    What is the password ?
  2. I have the getgear WG311T that has the same device id and vendor id like TP-LINK and it works great.
  3. Works Great !!!!! thanks :]
  4. saGat

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    thanks for your great work !!!!!! :censored2: i have now fully working osx on my new machine :] EDIT hmm :/ there is acually one problem, after installing patch my mouse have only left click :/ no scroll no additional buttons i don't know whats is going on. i have razer pro mouse with installed drivers any ideas ? EDIT 2 ;D nevemind repair permission + restart :]
  5. THX goodtime for your great tool !! everything is working great ! I successfully cloned 100gb partition to the 320 gb drive
  6. saGat

    Intel inside Power Mac G4 Case

    nice translation ;D yesterdy i bought core 2 duo E6400 processor asus mobo and 2gb of ddr2 ram ;] i will test osx tomorrow.
  7. saGat

    Intel inside Power Mac G4 Case

    some upgrades ;] now i have Pentium 4 HT 3.4 ghz presscott and Ati 1600xt by gigabyte :]
  8. G3 B&W has the same dimension as normal Power Mac G4 case here is my mod http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=29652 Everything is working
  9. saGat

    Intel inside Power Mac G4 Case

    Thanks ! I love old apple cases like quick silver, cube etc.
  10. Hi Today i finished my work with Power Mac G4 Case. I'm very happy becouse that was my first mod ever. You can see it here: http://www.sagat.org/blog/?pid=1&ca=show&id=107 Unfortunately text is in polish but you can always look at images :] Here is screen shot from osx 10.4.6
  11. saGat

    Chain0 + winxp boot loader doesn't work

    I have the same problem :[
  12. saGat

    Hardware Compatability Lists (HCLs)

    google is your friend :] google.com -> maxxuss :] is that hard ?
  13. saGat

    OSX on my PC, my experience ...

    no prosze :] polacy My os also runs pretty well but i can't get native resolution (1400x1050), only 1280x1024 :[
  14. saGat

    [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    do anyone have kext for 10.4.3 ?
  15. saGat

    Hardware Compatability Lists (HCLs)

    Hi Everyone this is my 1st post. i'm running native Mac os 10.4.3 + Maxxuss patch 1.0 + addon on Asus M3np with pentium mobile 1.4 (banias) Everest tells me : no nx support no pae support :] So i'm very happy but i don't know how it was possible :] i was only able to install with addon from maxxuss (standart 1.0 patch doesn't work) screenshots Now i switch back to the windows xp becouse i don't have internet connection working on my 2nd machine (powermac g5) and i instaled windows xp to have my usb adsl modem working. I will be installing 4.3 build on monday evening when i get another adsl modem :] sorry for my bad english :]