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  1. DiddyKong

    Clover Config

    Why is finding a download for clover config or even a link is impossible on the site from the people that make it. But a google search and tonymac it number one hit for the download. i know the bootloader is at sourceforge but that doesnt help when it doesnt install config till after first boot and that is my issue, i need it on first boot. SMH I really would have rather downloaded it from here
  2. DiddyKong

    Clover USB Won't Boot

    Really wish I knew about the carbon copy option the first time I migrated from tmac,nitrash.. That basically what I was asking or trying to do the first time I came to this site a few years ago. even though with no apple OS in sight they were my only option to get to the Appstore to get my copy of OS X, and some other files from clover that could help my vanilla install. Then create a new vanilla usb install. I did notice on ***ZONE they consider Mojave they call it a "special" install now, lol, and at the bottom it says ni**** Mojave, like wow. Well once I get my vanilla install working I know to make a carbon copy incase something happens in the future I can use that to restore!! I do have one question about perhaps migrating the EFI folder and files from Tmacs software. I want to make sure I'm taking the correct cautions, and, I am going to redownload the kexts and stuff from insanely Mac/links that way I don't have any traces of his hardware on my vanilla install. could I reuse his kexts? are redownload fresh ones from here that way incase some kexts might have backdoors coded into the kexts? call me paranoid, but I feel safer getting files from insanely Mac for my vanilla install. Only used his software to get into the App Store and download my OS and make a vanilla install, and it would be easy to copy the working EFI from his software but I'm scared his kexts are modified and again I trust kexts from here more. I know this is a sorta old post, maybe I should repost this as a separate question, let me know, thanks for any help.
  3. I've had ml from the AppStore running on this same system before and decided to reinstall I used zone as a crutch from win7 and created my USB installer from my AppStore copy of ml Which is how I already have clover on the ssd I'm trying to get the legit OS X 10.8 to install on I boot with -v -f pcirootuid=0 dart=0 And this happens Then about ten min I get this Can't get into install My system is dell435mt I7 - 920 HD3450 When I boot safe mode I get system uptime _ZTV16IOPlatformDevice out of date _ZTV18IODTPlatformExpert out of date Error 0x008016 0x008015 IOACPIFamily failed to load Again I'm trying to install my OS X copy from apple
  4. DiddyKong

    can find what this means anywhere

    still dont know what that means but i reinstalled yosemite on the usb, i feel if my dell435 (hd3450 i think) could sorta support the hackintosh-zone and i did successfully install yosemite-zone on my dell with my terrible graphics power(my dell is now vanillina 10.8.5 with some copied files niresh used for boot(from first build learning all this))) so.. now,, for this HP with the gt430 pci graphics(no onboard graphics) again.. --createmedia + clover, then i copied the files from my dell efi to the usb efi?? i did that.. no more pink verbose... but trying to get PAID OS X yosemite from appstore to get to install from boot now, gets stuck on looking for boot efi then lots of ++++++++ and restart back to clover.. any help or pointers.. otherwise i think im headed the right way now
  5. i cant find anywhere what this even means to start fixing and installin osx ive used so many boot flags/arguments and keep coming to this screen i installed el capitan to usb with terminal --create install media then installed clover to the usb drive my pc boots clover but i cant get to even having a readable/understandable verbose hp pavilion p6653w http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02479700 n430gt PCI GPU MOBO - N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX (Alvorix) cpu - AMD Athlon II X2 250 its been awhile since i made my first hackintosh dell 435mt all original parts 10.8.5 what step or what really am i doing wrong or is el capitan not gonna work on this hp pavilion