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  1. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Has anyone managed to get auto unlock working with a Hackintosh and Apple Watch? Will a BCM94360CD card work? I notice the requirements are for Macs 2013 and newer.
  2. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Do you have an apple watch to test whether you can get auto unlock working?
  3. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    I notice that the requirement for auto unlock (now available in beta 2) is for a mac that is 2013 or newer. Will this card work with auto unlock? http://www.osxwifi.com/apple-broadcom-bcm94360cd-802-11-a-b-g-n-ac-bluetooth-4-0-with-adapter-for-pc-hackintosh
  4. I have an ASUS Z97 Pro Wifi AC motherboard. I am running 10.11.5 El Capitan. Under Energy Saver, I have the display sleep set to 15 minutes but the display is never put to sleep. Nor is the screen saver activated after 10 mins. This shows up in console, not sure if its related: kernel[0] <Notice>: [HID] [ATC] AppleDeviceManagementHIDEventService:ProcessWakeReason Wake reason: Button (0x03) I've googled that message but cannot find anything relevant - very little information available. Kext patches installed are the USB Series 7,8,9, USB Expansion patch, and the BT / WIFI patches. I have also installed sensors patch so I can monitor hardware. I use an iMac 14,2 profile. Any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot this please?
  5. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Ahh, OK, got it. I guess I will change to the latest iMac smbios then. I have a i7 4ghz CPU and Asus z97 pro wifi ac motherboard. BTW, I notice that documentation from 2014 says not to have the original machine logged into FaceTime / iMessage as the hackintosh sharing the MLB / ROM. However, I do exactly that and have no issues. Thanks for your help too - I appreciate it.
  6. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    So now I'm confused. You said you run now a Mac Pro 6,1 profile yet you are using ROM/MLB from a Mac Pro 4,1? I thought the profile and the ROM/MLB had to match?
  7. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Did you just generate a fake ROM/MLB?
  8. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    So does that mean I need a valid ROM / MLB from an iMac from one of those listed above to get iMessage working? I'm currently using a Mac Pro 3,1 profile with El Capitan and its working great with my ASUS Z97-PRO WIFI AC motherboard and i7 4Ghz CPU. In fact, I've had to do very little customisation to get it all working. That includes USB 3, audio, ethernet, wifi, bluetooth. I didn't have to buy a separate airport wifi card to get handoff, airdrop, and continuity working - it uses the native motherboard WIFI to do it.
  9. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Right. That makes sense. Well, given I'm up and running using a Mac Pro 3,1 profile on El Capitan and everything works - and given that I used real ROM / MLB data from a Mac Pro 3,1 (I used a unique serial number and other data though - just used valid ROM / MLB data for iMessage) am I best to stick with that? I don't have a ROM / MLB to use from an iMac, and nor do I feel inclined in changing it all and going through the trouble of getting it all working again if I don't have to.
  10. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Thanks for your response but I'm not sure it really answers my question. I know you can run Sierra on a Mac Pro 3,1 - I've done it and written a guide as well on how to do it. My question is more around are we, the hackintosh community who have largely been using the SMBIOS Mac Pro 3,1 profile going to have to change it going forward for Sierra or can we continue to happily run our Mac Pro 3,1 profiles? As I say, I know initially we can get the initial Dev release running - but that doesn't answer the longer term. I wonder if people have a view on that?
  11. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    I am currently running El Capitan and everything runs perfectly including handoff, imessage, continuity, icloud etc. I use a MacPro 3,1 SMBIOS profile. When I eventually update to Sierra on my hackintosh, will I have to change my SMBIOS to a different machine or will the update process allow for the MacPro 3,1 SMBIOS profile to install? Note that I have a real Mac Pro 3,1 as well and have managed to get Sierra installed on that with little hassle.
  12. Yes, I got it working with the GTX 950 - I am using a Mac Pro with the web driver. So if it was an issue with the web driver, it wouldn't have worked for me as the only way to get it to work in OSX is the web driver.
  13. [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Hi - are you working at getting WiFi working for those of us with the wifi chipset BCM4321? If so, that is fantastic
  14. I have Sierra running on my MacPro3,1 - had to hack it to do so. I have installed the beta driver for Sierra and it installed successfully. However, when I try and boot with my GTX950 card, it won't boot, it crashes, and loops. This didn't happen in el capitan and the drivers for that OS. Therefore, I suspect the driver isn't working properly yet - it clearly works in a PC hackintosh environment (well, at least for you which is great) but not in the Mac Pro world yet.
  15. What Mac Pro are you running?... actually, looks like you are running a hackintosh... I'm actually trying to get it to work in a MacPro3,1.