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  1. GMA X4500

    The graphics card in the Core i series isn't the same as the X4500...
  2. Does the 2.7.1 driver support the G4x series chipsets though?
  3. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Has anyone tried gaming with the Mini 311 on SL? How's the performance?
  4. HP Mini 311 - Project Thread (Part I - OLD)

    So the stock Wifi Card is a no-go? Is it difficult to put a new one in?
  5. Has anyone tried iATkos v7?
  6. Gonna try this soon, wish me luck. Btw, is there a way to install OSX on the 6920 with retail?
  7. So are you using iDeneb 1.4 or XxX_x86_10.5.6_Install_Disc_Universal_Final.v2? Are they essentially the same thing?
  8. PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    Will do. Sorry for the double post, but they're looking in to it.
  9. PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    Are you going to ask why? I can for you, if it's bothering you this much. I suspect someone made a mistake.
  10. PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    What do you mean by "vetted"? I am registered there, and usually offer a decent amount of criticism.
  11. Windows 7 Pre Beta Build 6956

    You installed it on a P2? Wow.
  12. Thinkpad Leopard

    How did the install go? What GFX card does your r500 use?
  13. Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    Anyone find any info for the x4500?
  14. Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I don't own a Studio, but I have laptop with the X4500. Hopefully now that many new laptops are Centrino 2 there will be a driver developed soon...