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  1. AHCI Fix After 10.5.3 update

    Another vote for Jiver's solution: I am on a gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P board with Intel AHCI9R with AHCI switched on, worked beautifully with 10.5.2., followed Kalyway's steps to 10.5.3 and was stuk with the "waiting for root device". This is what i did to get it working again: put the jiver kexts on a usb stick, booted from kalyway 10.5.1 install dvd and run terminal. In here i went to my internal HD and moved the 4 kexts to ...kext.old, then i copied the stuff from the usb to the system/library/extensions directory, did the chmod -R 755 thingy, went in to the kext and removed ._* files (dunno where that came from, probably cause of the USB stick filesystem), while at it also removed extensions.mkext in system/library, closed terminal and ran disk utility to do another "repair permissions', and then rebooted with -f -v ... which didn't help. Booting was now stuck at "jnl unkonw device" (something like that - forgot to write it down), tried normal boot which takes ages and probably is just stuck at the same stage. Then, i dunno why, i did another reboot now with update -v, and guess what ... it continued, immediately rebooted automatically and now i am in business again. About this mac states "10.5.3", and the kernel is shown as 9.3. So, that is promising. Did already an online software update (logic pro) and that went smoothly, and timemachine was able to do a backup. The only thing still (but that was already with 10.5.2) is that shutdown most of the time doesn't work, and that the screensaver sometimes works, and sometimes not (50% change). so my advice (well for people with similar mainboard and HDs attached to the intel SATA ports) is following kalyway's instructions, then Jiver's instructions and then do "update -v" as boot option but without the quotes (-v is just verbose mode so that you can see what happens during boot). Cheers.