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  1. Hi guys, so I recently completed an install of 10.9.4, and after trying to follow a couple of different guides, I have a fully working install. It runs beautifully and I even have dual hard drives in my laptop one HFS and one NTFS; really brings new life to my laptop which is now over 5 years old. The laptop is a Gateway FX p-7805u just an FYI if you want to see what hardware I'm using. The problem I keep running into, however, is that it doesn't always boot. In fact, it RARELY boots properly. The curious thing is there is no consistency to the errors I've been receiving. Sometimes it will boot with a simple -v, but most of the time it hangs on FireWire runtime conservation disabled (a picture of the error is attached below). When I first got it up and running, I was pretty successfully getting it to boot using DSDT=no, which ignores the file that fantomas1 patched for me a few days back. However this also stopped working eventually and now I have to try quite a few different things before it works, and again the same thing ALMOST NEVER works twice. This was pulled using windows 8 and DSDT Editor not MaciASL, is there a problem here? Right now I'm using Maverick's beautiful fullscreen mode in Safari and managed to boot with -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes, but I'm certain that if I tried to restart using the same arguements I'd be locked out of OS X and would be stuck using Windows 8 again! Because I'm currently in OS X I used terminal to pull my latest verbose output: Whenever I just type -v it usually hangs on something firewire, sometimes it does boot but very rarely. Also I have attached the DSDT I'm using and an image of System Info when I run the compatibility check. I really appreciate you guys and the community here, please let me know if there's anything else I could do to help any of you diagnose my problem. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from anyone who might have an idea what's going on here. DSDT.zip
  2. DSDT Help - Gateway FX p7805u

    Wow thank you so much I am so very grateful! I honestly cannot believe you took time out of your day to patch this for me, I'll get started on my install tonight thanks to your help
  3. DSDT Help - Gateway FX p7805u

    Hi Everyone, I recently loaded Mavericks on my Gateway FX p7805u using #######, and after a little digging around I realized this isn't an ideal way to install OS X for various reasons. I used to poke around here some time ago, and I am now in the process of attempting to do this the proper way. I've had one other hackintosh in the past but I never actually edited my own DSDT. For my previous system I was able to find one online, but this laptop doesn't seem to be discussed much; it is definitely starting to show it's age. The previous installation of Mavericks was very unstable and relied on a lot of crappy kexts that caused frequent kernel panics. I want to try to get an edited DSDT running because from what I've read on different hackintosh forums most of the hardware on this computer works natively. I even managed to install an Atheros 9285 I had laying around by scraping off the Pin 20 with a razor blade! So, now my question: I can't seem to get rid of one of the errors on my extracted DSDT. Again I don't really know what I'm doing here but I figured I'd give it a shot. Thank you so much for any help or advice I'd really appreciate it. The error is Invalid Leading asterisk, what would be my next move in fixing this before loading it into Chameleon? Thanks again! EDIT: Also I just wanted to mention that I'm no longer using the aforementioned software I'm now attempting to follow rockinron_1's guide to a vanilla install; I understand the rules and I respect that we don't support proprietary software here, especially when stealing code is involved! dsdt.zip
  4. ati mobility radeon 5650

    can someone explain the current situation of mobility radeon 5000 series drivers? I have heard multiple times that we're waiting for apple to release a laptop that has an ATi mobility card, but lince5 seems to think that this will still not help us. Is developing a kext even possible? What would that entail? What would the difficulties be?
  5. iPhone -> iPad

    I'm pretty sure this isn't going to work. I'm assuming the dummy model doesn't have a touch screen, and I seriously doubt you could get the display to work properly.
  6. ATi Mobility 5000 Series Drivers

    Thank you for your responses, I suppose I'll have to wait until a solution is discovered.
  7. I recently purchased a Lenovo Y560 on black friday for cheap. I'm pretty sure everything would work if I installed OS X except the ATI Mobility 5730 Radeon HD; can anyone clarify? I've researched it to the best of my ability and it seems a number of attempts have been made to make this family of gfx cards work to no avail; Some have even been made with my specific laptop, all report that no known kexts will support this. Confirm please? If so I'll settle for VMware until this is resolved. Thank you!