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  1. just a suggestion, go to macthemeforums and d/l max's smoothstripes installer. its not eternal but its an improvment on aqua.
  2. disposition

    Flash Plugin in Safari

    if you will search over at win2osx you should find a flash only patch. it takes the native flash from 10.4.3 and lets it work under 10.4.1
  3. disposition

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    how do i get rid of the "eject" icon and how do i add my username to the menubar?
  4. disposition

    boot.plist not found

    even when i try to boot the install into safe mode. it still gives the missing boot.plist file. btw, hardware is P4 (PAE, SSE2) , 845 chipset. anyone else have a suggestion?
  5. disposition

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    @ mutahir - Visit here and download what you wish. everything should download to the desktop...just down click to open and install, and when the window prompts click go to Preferences pane (i think its preferences). as far as the PPC version??? i use the universal binary. as far as shapshifter...it doesn't work to my knowledge. however if you have 8f1111a you may be able to . check here
  6. disposition

    boot.plist not found

  7. disposition

    PPF Patching

    tried that multiple times, still give me the permissions error
  8. disposition

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Theme : Tiger Wall : Earthy Eyes Icons : Minium
  9. disposition

    boot.plist not found

    I finally patched the 8f1111 iso, and burned to dvd but, whenever I go to install....it comes up with cannot find /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist ??? Do you have to boot the install into VMWare?? i was under the impression that with the Wesley Patch v 1.1 you could boot natively into the installtion. Because in the readme, it states that the ppf includes the Bootloader Patch. Did I do something wrong? BTW, SSE2 .. no nx/xd any suggetions??
  10. disposition

    8F111A Update Available

    read. on this page. site was reverted back to like a nov 25 state. again, anyone know if a 8f1111a torrent exists?
  11. disposition

    PPF Patching

    Just in case anyone else encounters this problem... You have to enable the RooT account , log in as RooT then patch. This gives you the permissions. I just took my ignorant ass 5 hours to try this solution. Any who to enable the root account, open the NetInfo Manager...click "Securtiy" on the menu and select "Enable Root". Cross you fingers for the 8f1111 install
  12. disposition

    Need some help?

    atleast google before asking Answer
  13. disposition

    [Help] Shutdown, Reboot, Logoff

    Just in case this happens with anyone else... I had cocktail installed before TinkerTool, but I forgot to run the Cocktail un-installer. This solved the issue.
  14. disposition

    Internet Problems :-(

    your laptop wireless is different from the Buffalo g 54 wireless PCI card mentioned in the HCL. The Buffalo wireless card you saw is for a desktop computer (seperate hardware component) not a onboard laptop component.
  15. disposition

    PPF Patching

    what if you no longer have windows? i deleted my windows partition and am only running 10.4.1. also, i checked the permissions on the iso, the admin account has all of the required permissions. my account is in the admin group, wouldn't this qualify? does anyone know how to fix this? Because i really don't want to re-install windows. Especially just for this.