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  1. I am gettin kernel panic on my first boot after installation. edited .plist but the installer showed me that error postupgrade script for snowjob... but I think it could not work because of my pata drives?The Snow partition is on a sata drive but I have 2 more pata drives. Sry, I didnt read carefully. I did install Extras with camelon rc2. Now the installation went well. I wonder if i can install chameleon rc3 after having installed snow...I just need my computer today an cannot play around so much time ;-) Ah and my pata drives are not recognized...which is not sooo bad...but anyway.
  2. Hi. i have still a problem with the shutdown. I did a clean 10.5.6 install and all was fine... then when I imported my old user from another disk (including application folder etc) I was the same as before: no shutdown no sleep (or better to say: no wake up) Has someone the same problems? see my signature for my hardware. thank you
  3. is it a must to install the system partition on a sata disc??? sry again, but no one seems to say smthg
  4. is it a must to install the system partition on a sata disc???
  5. I just tried to reinstall 10.5.5 and the never ending error is like. and there it stops. I tried to take out the wifi card...the same. i tried to disable ethernet in the bios...the same. its a quite strange problem. becaus ls8 had nearly the same system before. the only difference maybe is that my system is on a pata drive. but i installed the jmicron drivers so it shouldnt be a problem at all. also because it works perfectly with 10.5.4.... someone knows something? PS: one question beside: why now we use efi strings instead of the drivers like alc and the ethernet drivers etc... is it better or somethin? greets
  6. someone knows anything bout the 10.5.5 problem. I now use 10.5.4 but it seems to me quite unstable because it hang itself up sometime already.
  7. i tried to install 10.5.4 with the package 12... it worked well, but when i did it with 10.5.5 this came up. I dont know if it has something to do with my wifi card...i dont have any other pci cards in my machine... someone has a clou? thanx
  8. i cannot delete the applebcm575x.kext it says no such file or directory...how is that? regards
  9. Okay, now 2 days later and 5 bt dongles later I found the working one: Asus BTD-201 Its actually a fine piece of a dongle! It is class 1, which means up 100m reach. It has BT v2.0 and it works fine with my SAMSUNG WEP200 Headset!
  10. I also got BT to work without problem and a noname adapter. BUT: I tried it with the Samsung WEP300 and WEP200(fake, but anyway it is a working headset) and the pair with hackintosh without problem. Just they dont work with any audio apps. As one said before me: it beeps when normally there should be audio signals. For example when I make a call. Today I will get the original version of the WEP200, I hope it will work...man this incompatible things suck
  11. HEy guys,just a question: how is it about bootcamp in an osx86 system with a retail leopard. can I do it normally or are ther problems
  12. thats possible...because I use jmicron..cause my main drive is ide... but anyway, this problem with the usb is strange. i read it hear in the forum and other people seem to have it too.strangely they mount if i have them plugged (the usb drives) when startup...
  13. strangely also my usb drives such as ipod and other usb players dont recocgise by the system! EDIT: THE most strangest thing is, that I can see the devices under parallels...but nor under mac os x, also not in the hdd utility.
  14. Ah, now shutdown and restart work perfectly...maybe I dont know if they work alway, just the last few times...but anyway. I still have f8 installed, maybe I had to restart the machine to reload the kext or somethin like that in order to make it work. @ls8 Yeah I would live without shutdown too, but my sleep doesnt work :-D Its funny because the other too work fine. But I begin to like my system. The last few systems I didnt know if delete the windows part and make it all mac...but now I already did the step and work totally on leopard and parallels. My last big jump will be make my dv cam active in parallels, so I can edit with avid through parallels an capture with the normal firewire port. This is the only reason why i keep some windows files....As an jr. editor I use final cut but cant live without avid...which I cant effort for mac too.Well the second reason is, because I cant unrar some porn .rar files which have an ultra long password ;-)
  15. ah, thank you very much for the support. Although I realised I {censored}talked. My rev is 2.0 :-D Anyway, installing f8 worked fine as expected. But the improvement didnt show up. Still I cant reboot, shutdown or go into sleep modus. When I installed the fresh system I remember that I installed the netkas sleep kernel. Now I copied it again (with the same codeline like in the post-patch.sh), but nothing changed. mmmh, maybe I have to install the whole system again, in order to make it run with sleep, shutdown functions?