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  1. New version of HandBrake by me...

    AnV, Is there a way to make the program start in 32-Bit mode instead of 64-Bit? I like that it is universal, Intel and PPC, as I have both.
  2. New version of HandBrake by me...

    Now that you know what went wrong, do you think you can fix it?
  3. New version of HandBrake by me...

    AnV, Ok, I tested 2 different movies, I waited until it completed the first 10% and recorded the avg FPS, here are the results: Handbrake Movie 1 62FPS Movie 2 83 FPS Handbrake AnV Movie 1 16 FPS Movie 2 21 FPS Your version does run in 64-Bit mode, but does not speed up the process. I am not trying to put your work down, i love your work, but this is unfortunately the exception. I hope that you can find out what went wrong.
  4. New version of HandBrake by me...

    AnV, I found it hard to believe too, I will test some other movies and report back tonight.
  5. New version of HandBrake by me...

    AnV, I just tried your App, I like that is is Universal, but it is not faster than the original one on my MacBook Pro. A 2hr movie takes 35 min (iPhone h.264 encode) on the original, yours 2hr 15min. I checked Activity monitor, yours loads as 64-Bit and takes 35GB of virtual memory, original loads as 32-Bit and only takes 1GB of virtual memory. Will test on a PowerMac to see the difference there.
  6. I have the same problem, how long have you waited for it to make it to the desktop? Mine takes 4-5 minutes, maybe longer. Once in, it runs really well. I'm still trying to fix it, no luck so far.
  7. I have the same problem, just let it sit there, it will get to the desktop. It takes mine about 4-5 minutes to make it to the desktop. Everything runs great once there. I just leave my computer on 24/7. Edit: I guess i should read the whole post, so you fixed it by using RGB instead of DVI? I haven't tried that yet, hope it works for me.
  8. iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 Released!

    GREAT RELEASE!!!!! Worked on the first try!!!! I've been using it all day, I only have one thing to fix after the initial install, that's a first!!!! I need some help with the problem, it occurs doing boot up, the white apple screen takes it's normal amount of time, but when it goes to switch to the desktop, the screen goes black, and it sits there for about 3-4 minutes, than makes it to the desktop. I have tried NVdarwin, NVInject, and EFI strings, but still have the issue. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it? I leave my computer on 24/7, but I still would like to fix it. Update: Just installed AnV 10.5.6 kernel and 10.5.6 system.kext. Works good!!! I recommend that you add this to the DVD. I still need help with the boot up problem, other than that, works really well!!!!
  9. New batteries for the 15" MBP?

    I just got the New 15" MacBookPro, I'm getting 4hrs of battery life out of it, why would you need more??? This is the longest lasting battery out of all the laptops I've owned, (this is my 5th). Yeah, a longer lasting one would be great, but I have no problems with the one it comes with!!!!
  10. Two 7300 gs 512 videocards working good with Snow Leo

    That's cool, have you tried any benchmarks?
  11. Mouse Tearing - Is there a fix right now?

    HI, I had the same problem with an ATI x700 Pro, I tried mouse locator, it worked, but not completely. Than I switched to an Nvidia 7600GS, I had no mouse tearing at all. I think it has something to do with any ATI video card older than the x1600. Try upgrading to an x1600, or switch to Nvidia.
  12. Ok, I just installed it, on first boot black screen. Reboot, pressed F8 from the DVD boot, typed rd=disk0s2, booted to the desktop, istalled EFI string, rebooted. Booted to a black screen again, but instead of rebooting, i went to my other computer, did somethings there, when i came back, it was sitting at the desktop, everything working. So, rebooted, took 5 min to shut down, bootup through the white apple screen was normal, than black screen, but it took 5 minutes until it showed the desktop. I rebooted again, typed -v to look for errors, none, everything looked normal. What could cause the slow boot after the white apple boot screen????
  13. BlackCH Just a question, I have 10.5.5 working great, but I cannot get my video card working under 10.5.6. I have tried to update 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 and also tried installing iPC 10.5.6 with no luck. I have tried EFI strings, NVKush, NVInject, and NVDarwin. I get all of them to work under 10.5.5, but with 10.5.6. I would like to try your DVD, but if my video doesn't work under 10.5.6, it's a waste of time. Thanks for any help.
  14. XxX_x86_10.5.5_Install_Disc_Rev1

    I am using XxX 10.5.5 PPF2 disk (just for info). Tried options listed above, same problem. I checked the MD5, it's good, I also reburned the disk. Here is another screen shot.