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  1. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    On my ProBook in my signature i use a RTC patch from rehabman to avoid rtc battery error on startup. Is it possible to replace that patch with a ssdt? DSDT.aml
  2. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    In sample.plist of OpenCore is a memory testing utility listed. I wounder how can i activate it.
  3. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello, where can i get memcheck.efi ?
  4. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    @gengik84 Thank you its working now.
  5. Quipper

    OpenCore Discussion

    I am not able to load X86 Platform Plugin. With Clover it was working. I edited SSDT-PLUG to match my cpu name with no effect. Can someone point me to the right direction. DSDT.aml SSDT-0.aml DSDT.aml SSDT-PLUG.aml
  6. Quipper


    Hello, today i equipped my new Acer with Mojave and I noticed something about NVRAM. I only use there aptiomemoryfix and my NVRAM is working natively. No kernel panic at reboot or shutdown. Sleep is working too. On my MSI it isnt working, only with adding emuvariableuefi. Maybe i can give some information why it is working on that laptop and maybe a solution can be found for other coffee lake laptops.
  7. Quipper

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Yes the patch is present in config.plist
  8. Quipper

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Yeah same situation here. Annoying. I dont use VoodooI2C.kext too.
  9. Quipper

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I have the same issue with instant reboot suddenly if i not use -v. I thing it is something other because with my first setup (ProBook 450 G4, 10.14.1) i use rehabmans acpi hotpatch guide and there he is using FakeSMC. I use always latest Clover and in my opinion clover was the problem. Therefore i used rehabmans fork of clover but same issue. Maybe it is Lilu or an plugin. Edit: If i dont use -v and set keep symbols on panic (keepsyms=1) boot seems to be working.