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  1. Ok I have leopard installed on one of my 250 gig sata hard drives with darwin booting it up fine. I want to install vista to my other 250 gig sata hard drive. I want to know the easy way to dual boot. I have already tried this once, installed leopard to one HD and then vista to the other HD. Then vista would boot instead of leopard, so I downloaded that EasyBCD or whatever it was called and added an entry for generic x86 i think it was and then when ever I would select the OS X enter from the boot menu, it just gave me a black screen. In the EasyBCD I never found a spot to select a location for leopard (my other HD) so I never thought it would know it was there anyway. Can anybody help me out here?
  2. Belkin F5D7050 V5000

    I Have a Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter, VERSION 5000 and am using leopard. I have seen some posts about other F5D7050 adapters but only a few ones about version 5000 of this adapter. The system profile sees it in the usb list but not in the network list. I searched for quite a while and still have not seen the actual chipset of this version, I know some of the other ones were using realtek but I guess this one doesn't. Does anyone know the chipset or driver needed for this v5000 of this adapter or even better how to get it working?? I also have a linksys WMP54G v4.1 wireless pci card that I can not get working, system profiler does not even see it. I know it uses the RT61 driver and it works automatically in Ubuntu. Any pointers appreciated, thanks