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  1. kamuiGT

    TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    I had the exact same problem. Customer support said I didn't have an original Mac and asked if I had a meaningful serial on my Mac.
  2. kamuiGT

    Logmein not working on Kalyway

    Same problem here =\
  3. Mozy also fails for me. I thought it was just buggy since it's in beta, but it works just fine on my macbook. It's stuck at login on my Kalyway install though.
  4. http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,83.0.html I followed the directions in this link and that fixed my shutdown/sleep issues.
  5. I also have the P5K Deluxe with the sleep and shutdown issues. Sleep works, but won't wake up correctly. The system just hangs. Shutdown seems to put the monitors to sleep but the hardware and fans are definitely still on. Can you let us know which BIOS settings fixed these issues for you? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the guide. Does the dual boot method work if the Vista partition is on another drive (also gpt)? I have OS X with EFI v8 and GUID on disk0s2 and Vista on disk1s2. I've tried your method, but I don't see Vista as an option when I hit f8 at boot. I tried: dd if=./guid/boot0 of=/dev/disk0 bs=400 count=1 but that didn't work, do I have to do it with disk1? Thanks.