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    Little Snitch on 10.6 hackintosh

    same here. have it running fine in SL 10.6.1
  2. ok , im not sure how but somewhere along the line i did something and i have usb functional in 64bit mode. Before it started working again, I plugged in my razer mouse just to see and all a sudden usb kicked in, but upon reboot with my oem ball and chain apple mouse and extended keyboard usb became again unresponsive in 64bit mode... From there i went and redownloaded the 64bit/32bit fakesmc kext reinstalled that , i also re-ran the dsdt patcher, repaired permissions and now usb works each time booting to 64bit mode... If i can remember any other details ill follow up
  3. After battling for a couple days with SL on my GA-EP45-UD3L (was using the chameleon RC3 which didn't like my system.... 2 days to realize that, doh...), i am up and running with SL pretty solid in 32bit mode using chameleon bootloader RC1, sound(voodoohda), ethernet, video(qe/ci all working fine, (though i still can't have any PATA devices attached, i can live with this for now and enable disable PATA as necessary in bios) installed using various guides for the UD3L series as they are a plenty. 64bit mode on the other hand was stalling at the AppleIntelPowerManagement.kext so i removed that and now it boots (stalls a bit but boots) to the desktop using the 64bit kernel. The problem is i have no usb mouse or keyboard, unplug/replug no joy.. everything works great if i boot to 32bit, but 64bit i my mouse and keyboard are unresponsive as well as usb on a whole. i've rechecked my bios to ensure that legacy usb support is enabled and searched around a bit, but i've been reading so much lately i might have passed right by the answer ... can anyone help shed some light for me ? thank you GA-EP45-UD3L core 2 duo evga 8800GT G92 4gig ballistix kit ddr2 SATA 500 GB HD samsung OEM apple mouse and keyboard
  4. i used to use applehda as well as taruga's for leopard, but i'm using voodoohda for now, seems to be doing just fine. seems like alot going on in verbose boot with this but , loads fast, seems to work well. i don't use sleep at all so i'm not aware of any distortions after waking from sleep.
  5. just to update .... I've successfully installed SL 10.6.1 and is now running on my 780i evga nforce board. ethernet working via belkin N usb wireless, NVinject, VoodooHDA and everything seems to be running great. reboot and shutdown work with a little help from openhaltrestart , Sleep not working but i can live with that for now. The Waiting for root device error, very annoying... but got past this time by copying over all ATA kexts from my leopard PATA install i keep around with the following command in terminal less the quotes: "cp -pr /System/Library/Extensions/*ATA* /Volumes/SNOW/System/Library/Extensions" reboot with -x -v -f -x32 flags don't forget to rebuild your mkext or you'll forever be booting up with -f flag 64 bit mode is still not working for me, i guess that will happen if we ever get a recompiled nforceATA.kext for 64bit ? lookin into this...
  6. hey verdant, it's been a while. how ya doin. ya going back to the drawing board, i fiddled all morning today and i've managed to be able to install either via usb restored SL, or from one of my existing osx installations, i can see the HD and format and install it on my SL HD. I've added in my UUID from the SL HD to bios plist as well as platformuuid.kext aml , mkext recreated trying different kexts, verbose boot looks good till i get to "waiting for root device" and hangs. I'm gonna have to do some more reading to find out what dependancy i'm missing here hopefully i'll find it in your thread... my issue is i've never really figured out what was causing that waiting for root device error with this 780i board, happaned on the 680i too with certain distro's. in past distro's i just kept trying till i found one that worked. i'm going to go back and investigate kext's in my ideneb 10.5.5 or kalyway 10.5.2 as well.... sigh....
  7. i haven't had much time lately but i've tried a few things and nothing doin still. on my bios i have no options for raid or ide for sata mode, it's simply on or off in different sections for ide vs sata. I can get my usb stick to boot to leopard but again i can see no HD's except the usb stick. I installed the new chameleon rc3 on the snowleopard drive and it won't even boot now. so where i'm at currently is, i can get snowleopard to start booting on the HD, and then i get to "waiting for root partition" error and it hangs forever . i'm plagued with it, i know i must be missing the device id or something in a particular kext i'm not sure which to look in. The waiting for root partition error has hit me on every flavor of osx, have managed to work through them with different installs, i'll have to go back and search for a kext from an osx install that worked for me. as for the missing kext and where you should place it, it needs to be in the extensions.mkext file but also in the extensions/extra folder if your using chameleon to my understanding. i'm a bit rusty though, it's been a while
  8. hi thanks for responding but, SL is not installed yet. the installer disc has been restored to a usb stick. so essentially i'm using the usb stick instead of the retail dvd to install SL now. but when the SL installer reaches the point where i need to choose a HD to install to, nothing appears but the usb stick that i'm already booted to... any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. So i've been over in iphone-land for the last year or two, but i've managed to restore snow leopard retail dvd to a usb stick, i installed the latest chameleon and efi 10.2 , added my modified dsdt.aml file and generated a new Extensions.mkext file (i386 and also 64) In the Extensions.mkext i made sure to include: AHCIPortInjector, AppleNForceATA, ATAPortInjector, Disabler, dsmos, fakesmc, IOACHIBlockStorageInjector, JMicronATAInjector, NullCPUPower Management, OpenHaltRestart, PlatformUUID, SleepEnabler so i reboot to the usb stick, it boots up perfectly, however when i go to install SL to my system, I am not seeing any mounted HD's , only the usbstick. any help would be appreciated, i'm almost there What am i missing here ?
  10. MrRoper

    Snow Leopard on Nforce 700 Series (780i)

    sorry didn't mean to hijack your post... made my own thread...
  11. MrRoper

    Snow Leopard on Nforce 700 Series (780i)

    that is unbelievably comforting , fekkin always hated that solution
  12. i don't notice any flash, but under heavy read/write activity and after long idles i think, things seem odd, so i click on the hd or task bar, initially the icons bounce, but then eventually nothing responds and i need to hard boot. no panic, just non-responsive i just updated to 10.5.7/9.6 anv tonight, haven't had test time yet, waiting to see if it persists...
  13. 1. I have tried that, but i don't believe this is a usb issue as i can still use the keyboard and mouse when these "times outs" occur, it also both seem to show up properly on system profiler as well, but to answer your quesiton, i have a few spare mac keyboards/mouse's around and still experienced the same issue with them as well. I am also not using any USB overdrive as i did on previous installs. 2. I also am using neither MacFuse or NTFS-3G . at this point i only have installed 10.5.6 update, CS4 Master, Office 2007 & little snitch, reverted all my OC's to stock, only have 2 gigs of ram installed, trying to use the least amount of variables even more confusing to me and why i'm looking back at the nforce driver as the source at least for now
  14. Hello again Verdant, I had hoped to have tested a bit more by now but in the short time i WAS able to test, the same problem arose even with slashack's modified nforce kext . More than likely there IS an SATA DVDRW issue, i have not tried a burn yet, but moreover i'm concerned with stability of the OS after long idles and semi-heavy/heavy read/writes. mostly writes me thinks but i'm no expert. I thank you for your offer to try and help and hope you can do so, this problem is bothersome to say the least. Please see the original problem below EDIT: CS4 Master took me 4 or 5 consecutive attempts i believe to get it all installed, luckily the install picks up where it left off but, the "time outs" for lack of a better description, were most prevalant during this thank you MrRoper
  15. Hello Slashack or Verdant, please forgive if this has been covered, i have been out of the hackintosh game for a bit and was consumed by my iphone since launch day btw i think medevil went to a paying gig, i see him developing iphone apps. at any rate... I have a fresh OSX install, on an SATA HD (GUID), evga780i mb, no PATA devices at all, back down to 2gigs of ram, and clocked the ram and cpu back to stock to troubleshoot OSX. Installation went smooth using ideneb 10.5.5, updated using the normal netkas method to 10.5.6, rotating between the latest voodoo, anv & stagexnu kernels, with medevil's nForceATA test kext. Everything seems to work great, except when i'm in heavy read/write the OS seems to hang and i get the spinning beach ball of death (i can still move the mouse, so i'm not losing usb like in my previous install) . I usually boot with debug=0x100 flag but get no on-screen panics. once it happans though, all i can do is hard boot the machine does your AppleNForceATA.kext improve upon medevil's test version ? or is it simply with added device id's any suggestions? or help would be appreciated thank you MrRoper