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  1. my soundcard is sigmatel stac 975x ac97 of dell 9300 laptop when i install mac x86,i install the sigmatel 9220 soundcard patch,and my soundcard doesn't work now.. i don't know how to undo it,plz help me,sorry my poor english,hope you can understand me
  2. as the title,if you know how,plz tell me the detail........thanx a lot
  3. Getting sound on my Dell I9300

    i using 9300 too,and i got the 1.1 pack....... works fine on mine except graphics
  4. thanx,and i already solved that problem.... my computer is i9300,ati x300 mobility,m-750 1.86g cpu,915 chip that rebooting erro ibecause i disable the stepspeed in bios,i enable it,and it works fine,now i installed the mac and sound card ,network card works fine....but the graphic card not so good,only 1024x768@60 res my lcd screen perform best at 1440x900 res,and cant change that........when booting ,press f8,and type "Graphics Mode"="1440x900x32",and nothing changed.... how can i get the best res??plz tell me,
  5. I dont load the dmg file,trans it to iso format,and do the patch thing....and burn it to dvd by nero 7 i do what the web site told me.... but i restart my computer boot from cdrom,i press f8 and type "kernel=mach_kernel.sse2" after a long time waiting at the mac logo, it tell me to reboot my computer in 4 languages i tried a lot of time and still the same could anyone help me,I am chinese,sorry my poor english,hope you can understand what i'm talking about