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  1. I have Hp dv9210ca and I've tried Kalyway, Zeph, iatkos and Leo4all none of them worked. I had no problems installing Leo4all on a desktop with AMD and Kalyway on a system with Intel. Has anyone successfully install leopard on HP dv9000 Laptop with AMD cpu?
  2. Same here, If you find the solution to this problem please let me know! Thanks...
  3. I just updated my system without any problems....YET!
  4. iATKOS/XP dual booting problem

    what happens when you press F8 during boot up?
  5. wmp54g v 4.1

    Add me to the Club.. mine is not working, I might have to buy another card.
  6. WMP54G 4.0 in 10.5.2

    Mine does not! (Leo4Allv3)
  7. nforce 560! no work lan...

    I have the Same problem and my Linksys Wireless-G Pci adapter card (WMP54G) does not work.
  8. This how I installed all the Kexts I indeed for my system, I just drop them in the Kext Helper B7 and chose Easy Install and it worked. You will find Kext helper Under Applications. You don't have to register to get access to kexts helper. What keyboard are you Using?
  9. ASUS P5K PREMIUM + Q6600

    I have the same MB with Q6600 4G Ram I installed Leopard (Kalyway) without any problems, The only thing that is not working is the Realtek Lan controllers... I'm still looking for the drivers for it.
  10. I Have the same MB as yours but I can't get the on lan controller and wifi to work. Can you please help me SpanaKoorizo? Thanks
  11. Your Dvd drive can't read the the disk, I had the same problem... I install it with external dvd drive'
  12. I had the same problem when I was using winzip but winrar worked..
  13. I Had the same problem with my download... I need help too! Thank you