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  1. I tried all the following with a USB drive, stuck waiting for root device. Oh well.
  2. Anyone want to post a nano usb wifi card that has been tested and works without killing sleep or anything else? Mine kills sleep, rtl8188cus.
  3. Booyah, awesome. I had to put ignorenvramboot as well. One more thing off the list of issues.
  4. What are you using to set the timeout? I don't see any option for that in the clover prefpane.
  5. Well, of course, it turns out its my rtl8188cus card thats causing issues. Gotta pull it before I let it sleep. Sigh.
  6. (SurfaceOSX) Question on sleep; it seems flakey for me. In fact, I can't tell if just the display is sleeping or the tablet is. It won't stay asleep long enough for me to see if its still warm or not (nothing is making any noise). Shortly after 'sleeping' it reboots and gets stuck at the clover boot screen (because I haven't chosen an option).
  7. "Vanilla kext have to be kextdropped only if you tried the old wrong v0.3 patches with voodoobattery, remember to remove it kexts too voodoobattery.kext!" That line is a little confusing. Should probably remove it and make sure you put in that you have to install AppleACPIPlatform.kext.
  8. Well I figured out what I was doing wrong, thanks to that last post. I was installing AppleIntelFramebuffercapri and ACPIBacklight without installing AppleACPIPlatform. I was reading it as I only needed to install AppleACPIPlatform if I had installed voodoobattery. Up and running with 0.3 now. Thanks a ton.
  9. Awesome post. Maybe the one thing I am missing is the personalizing config.plist. Do you just mean adding a serial number with clover configurator or is there more to it?
  10. I have, several times. Can you tell me exactly which files you're using? Which config.plist, dsdt, ssdt, kexts, etc? No, when I update to 0.3 and start getting the bluetooth hang on boot, the only thing I can do is get into safemode. From there I followed the fix listed earlier in this thread for the bluetooth hang, but even that doesnt work. So I have to reinstall.
  11. (surfaceosx) When I attempt to go to 0.3, I am pretty confident those are exactly the files I am using. There is a config.plist for clover in the 0.3 zip, should I not be installing that?
  12. I'm obviously missing something, because the boot process gets stuck every time I do exactly as you just stated. So, for specifics, this is where I am now; DSDT/SSDT from "Patched Tables Surface Pro 1" zip in /efi/clover/acpi/patched 5 Kexts from "surfacepro" zip in /S/L/E, installed with kextdrop config.plist from surfacepro.zip in /efi/clover When I attempt to go to v0.3 I follow the steps on the first page to the T, but I end up having to reinstall every time. SO, what am I missing?
  13. I've been fiddling with this all day, and it works, right up until you try to install v0.3. Either they didn't list a step or it's just broken, but v0.3 breaks the boot process every time for me, leaving me hung on the bluetooth error. I have even attempted the fix several times by going into safe mode, restoring the 5x kext, etc, and that still doesn't work. I have, however, gotten Clover installed as my boot loader by following this method; http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293574-beginners-guide-to-uefi-tripledual-boot-os-x-windows-and-linux-kali-on-an-single-true-gpt-ssd/?p=1968818 However, I had to do it from Windows, not OSX, as OSX would not see the usb key after I had booted off it. To view the EFI partition from windows, just run cmd as administrator, and run "mountvol b: /s". Work within that command prompt to copy the proper efi files from your usb key to the efi partition. So, I now have a nice dual boot setup without the need to boot off the USB key, but the ACPI backlight and sleep do not work, as I cannot for the life of me get booted after I do the V0.3 steps. Perhaps somebody else could write up how they managed to get v0.3 working step by step?
  14. loudog3114

    Help with Abit IX38 Motherboard

    So wait... with your dsdt sata and usb dont work? What good is the install then? Or am I misunderstanding?