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  1. As I said you can work with Mac OS day to day in regular use but with some problems and I really want to fix them
  2. Hello dear community maybe from here my salvation will come , so here is my story : 1. I got the new Xiaomi Notebook Pro for making it my main machine and make it a dual boot notebook to serve me (Mac user ) and my wife (windows 10 user). 2. This notebook have a great value and I have the i7 with 16 Gb and installed second 256 ssd drive so I have no a dual boot with clover and each OS in different drive to make more room. 3. Everything is booting well and in both systems I can work and use the notebook but in the High Sierra I have some issues that still annoying me and I hope I can find here the right answers to bring this setup to perfection. here is a list of issues I have that I need to find them a fix : 1) Trackpad - the most annoying problem , I'm using for now my Logitech mouse but I want to use this beautiful big trackpad with all the gestures in my day to day use. So the problem is when you boot the Mac OS after the boot the trackpad is not working at all , I need to put the notebook to sleep and when I wake it up the trackpad is working but with problems : I think the most annoying thing the scrolling in safari that is very slow. 2) Bluetooth - I have the bluetooth icon in the top menu and I also see my AirPods in the list but if I press connect it's freeze and nothing happened , also I've tried to connect other bluetooth headphones I have or my Logitech mouse (without the dongle that come with the mouse) but I don't see them in the list. 3) Network connection - the wifi card on this notebook will never work with macOS so I'm using my Anker usb-c ethernet dongle (https://www.anker.com/it/products/variant/USB-C-to-Ethernet-Adapter/A8341041). after the notebook goes to sleep and wake up the dongle is not working and I need to unplug it and replug it in to make my connection come back to life - I've found out that this is a problem with also real Mac and Anker release an update patch that fixed this issues but after I've installed this patch I still have the problem . 4) Handoff - I don’t even have the option in General preference. 5) OS update 10.13.4- after applying the update in the AppStore there’s need to do a restart and the notebook come to the clover menu and I choose the MacOS and the update is not running , I just comeback to the desktop without applying the update I'm adding all my EFI folder and debug files . I can't upload for some reason here in the post so here is a link to the files : https://quickfileshare.org/6uj/debug_6358.zip https://quickfileshare.org/6uk/EFI.zip
  3. Thanks for this great manual - i have a problem , after finish everything , my pc will not reboot into mac os unless i use the my hack usb drive - what could be the problem ?
  4. Hello After long time of trying to install Mac OS X on my old laptop I found a manual here in this website : here is a link . The manual says that I need to use an app called Myhack - I've downloaded it and when I'm trying to run it , it give me some error : /var/folders/_0/_fvvn8bs1tq_h73hct1g9nx40000gn/T/.plx_tmp.axPcnx: line 68: 981 Killed: 9 ./myhack --gui $jogsubiSOEisfoISJFEosUBXzkuBSOUosdjsoruSROUHEgsoeuGzmhbkeeuigw07429yagsoIUAg90271 I don't know what this mean - can someone help me figure this out? thanks
  5. any one tried to update to Sierra ? is it still works?
  6. Thanks for your help In the section of the manual 10.12 USB installer creation - I don't have a mac any more so this method will not help me as it based on the option you already have a working mac some where - is there a way to create it on a windows 10 ? Again - many thanks for your help
  7. Hello (Sorry about my English) i used to be an hackintush user and than found the money to buy me a new mac. Since than we had some problems and i had to sell my mac to have some exta money and since than i tried to find myseld some notebook that i can work with. my dad gave me some old notebook and this is my only compuer i have and i miss my OSX. I want to know if you can help me get there and install Sierra on this PC. The PC is : HP EliteBook 8530w workstation The system info is : CPU : Intel Core2Duo CPU T9600 2.8Ghz RAM : 4 Gb GPU : Nvidia Quadro FX 770M I searched the forum for a manual and found some old post for 10.7 and it's not the same for me I have TransMac to create the bootable USB and have some Sierra DMG file I found on this link: What do you say? is it possible for me?
  8. Thanks - done it - everything back to normal , many thanks for your help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I made a USB and now I can boot into my system but only with the USB . How do I use the osxaptiofixdrv2.efi ? What do I need to do? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Do I need to use clover configurator? And if yes how do I do it...sorry for all the stupid questions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. My problem is that I don't I have other Mac machine so I can patch the files , i've also tried to boot with the flag you mentioned and got the same result- is there a way to connect the HDD to my other Windows machine I have to patch the files to the Mac efi? I know there's a problem to mount it in Windows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hello Today I was updating El Capitan with the AppStore and made a reset and my machine is not booting - I'm getting Apple Logo and than after 2 min I see no entering sign. I am using Clover and this is the first time it's happened to me. Here is my specs : - [ ] Case : Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Mid Tower Quiet Case - [ ] PS : Corsair 550W Quite - [ ] CPU : Intel Core i5 4590 Socket 1150 LGA 3.30GHz - [ ] CPU + Case Cooler : Noctua NH-D15 + Noctua NF-A14 Cases Fan - [ ] Motherboard : Gigabyte H87M-HD3 - [ ] Memory : Crucial 2 X 8 DDR3 - [ ] SSD : 2 X Transcend 128 Gb - [ ] HDD : 1 X 1000 Gb + 1X 500 Gb - [ ] OS : Windows 10 Pro / Mac OX 10 Is there something I can do to fix this issue - please help , thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Since I've installed the Windows 10 this morning I'm struggling to find solution to my multi-boot problem. this is my story : So today I went to the store and got myself a new 240Gb SSD to install Windows 10. Before I start to describe my problem I will give you my set-up: I have 1X SSD with El-Capitan OS X with Clover boot. I have 1X SSD that have Windows 10 In parallels mode (I've installed parallels on my El-Capitan SSD and installed the Windows 10 with Parallels in a different SSD) I have 2 HDD that I use to be the main storage HDD because the SSD have small size (1 is for El-Capitan data and the other is Windows 10 parallels data) My Hardware: Gigabyte GTX-970 , Gigabyte GA-H87M-HD3 , i5 , 16 Gb Ram So why I need multi-boot with another Windows 10 drive if I have Windows 10 with parallels you asked? It's all about playing games on my PC - you can't really enjoy this great Graphics card in parallels. So after this long introduction , my problem is booting into Windows with clover , and a big clover mess menu , I can boot into El-Capitan , but not into Windows. This what I did to install : Disconnect all my old HDD and SSD . Connect my new 240 SSD. Installed Windows 10 on it ( everything worked great) Reconnect all my drives back Going into bios and choosing my El-Capitan SSD as first boot to get into Clover. Clover is loading and this is the big big menu I see and description what i get when i choose the icon: Boot Windows from Legacy HD1 - I see blinking line at the upper left corner of the screen Boot Windows from EFI - I see blinking line at the upper left corner of the screen Boot Windows from Legacy HD4 - I see blinking line at the upper left corner of the screen Boot Windows from Legacy HD5 - I see blinking line at the upper left corner of the screen Boot Recovery from Recovery HD - I see the Apple logo and the line and after 15 sec the system reboot. Boot Mac OS X from El-Capitan : El-Capitan is loading and everything is working well! Boot Recovery from Recovery HD - I see the Apple logo and the line and after 15 sec the system reboot. Boot Microsoft EFI boot menu from EFI - I see preparing for repair of Windows 10 and the repair menu The problems I have and the solution I'm seeking here in this post : Making the Windows 10 boot from the clover menu - what can I do to fix this ? Delete all the icons in Clover and only keep 2 icons , one for El-Capitan and one for Windows 10 I really hope that I've explained everything and that someone can help me. Thanks
  13. So , I had my PC for the Last 3 months and finally I'm near perfection with my El Capitan installation and everything is working great , I have also Windows 10 with parallels and I think my time has come to use this PC for gaming but I have one important thing missing and it's a graphics card. I'm new to gaming and my love is FPS and I want to be able to play the latest games from one hand and to buy something that will work with my El Capitan from the other hand and I don't want to spend a lot money for this hobby that may be over .... So I hope someone can give me a good advise in this matter. BTW - I've looked at the buyer guide and I see a list of graphics card but there's no say about El Capitan. Thanks
  14. Sorry for this - but how do I add csr-active-config=67 to the RT table ? And what is RT table?