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  1. Compassion

    Anyone mobile Kepler 6xxM working?

    I have a G75VX with a working (well, not accelerated) Mavericks install. I can do some testing as well when you get further in your research. I also have access to a G750, but my spouse gets cranky when I co-opt it for long periods. She's hoping that I don't need to snag to get a speedy Mavericks install, well that and I love the ergonomics on my G75.
  2. Compassion

    Asus G75VX - Mountain Lion

    Did anyone come up with a kext list and config.plist for use with Clover. I know Chameleon is the trail most beaten at this point, but Clover seems to have more perks for the EFI multiboot side of the house.
  3. Compassion

    Asus G75VX - Mavericks

    I have a G75VX-BHI7N11. I noticed that the use of Clover seems to have sort of abandoned. I've managed to get it to load on an external USB drive and in a scenario where I replaced the Windows Bootloader on my Secondary Drive with Clover in a direct rename. Has anyone had any luck unlocking the BIOS to solve the EFI file restriction issue? I also took a stab at grabbing the files for Mavericks, but it seems there are no seeds that I can connect to.
  4. Compassion

    LinuxBIOS + UEFI Payload

    Considering where the community is at with the OS X kernel/driver subsystem improvements, what is the promise of continuing to further EFI boot for the long-term? I've been following the LinuxBIOS developement, along with the UEFI payload package that can be paired with it? GUID boot wouldn't be an issue, but getting the OS X boot efi image along with HFS+ support might be a problem. Also, how would this affect how the kernel is currently configured to bypass any EFI checks? I'm just curious about other knowledge on the matter. ~E
  5. The Third Party app is SwitchResX. OS X would only load up in 1024x768 mode before on the LCD. It probably was because it was a non-standard resolution. It runs at 1280x800. I also can get full resolution on an externally attached screen (NEC 20WMGX2 in this case) at 1680x1050. It didn't need any tweaking from SwitchResX.
  6. It works properly on my Sony Vaio VGN-SZ120P. Full QE/CI. I couldn't get full resolution on my 1280x800 lcd screen without a 3rd party app. *Although* I could attach and external screen and get full resolution out of it without hassle.