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    Mojave 10.14.1 on Lenovo 330s

    Spec: CPU: Intel i5-8250u RAM: 4GB DDR4 on board, 8G in additional slot disk: 128GB NVMe SSD(comes with Windows 10 Home) disk2: 1TB HDD(replaced with Patriot Burst 480GB SATA SSD and install Mojave on it) 2 USB3 ports 1 USB Type-C HDMI Card-Reader(havn't tested yet) 14" display 1920x1080 weight: around 1.6KG Intel wifi, I replaced it with BCM94350Zae I havn't tried Bluetooth yet because it's not a necessity for me, but wifi works well. battery works after following Rehabman's guide, a lot of work but worth it ELAN touchpad also works after DSDT patching, no GPIO pinning required need to install VoodooI2C, VoodooI2CHID in /Library/Extensions and rebuild cache you might also need to remove AppleIntelLpssI2C.kext and AppleIntelLpssI2CController.kext as well sleep/wake works fine, but the system drains about 8% of power during 20 hours of sleep, it also drains power more quickly than expected when I'm using it. I wonder if I could do anything thing to improve power consumption. sometimes it would take up to 15 seconds to fall asleep, sometimes less than 5 seconds (I mean when the power button goes from "on" to "flashing slowly", indicating it's sleeping) please help me improve clover config or DSDT if u can. overall, i think this is a good choice for hackintosh laptop DSDT final.aml DSDT final.dsl config.plist SSDT-PNLF.aml
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    Mojave 10.14.1 on Lenovo 330s

    folks, here's my latest files. most importantly, I found a new version of VoodooI2C that solved my jumpy mouse cursor problem when using trackpad. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UNNiZY_IWrS4O5bfhivI4p7mDFugRIl3 pls ignore OpenVanilla, it's just a tool for Chinese input method
  3. I think I have successfully enabled power management following this thread. CPU: XEON 2620 ES ( 6C12T ) MB: GIGABYTE 6PXSV2( C602 Chipset ) RAM: DDR3-1333 4GBx2 HDD: Crucial M500 120GB SSD VGA: Asus GT630 First I tried it on 10.10.3 and it seems to work. Then I rolled back all the changes by restoring the OS X partition from my backup(Carbon Copy Cloner). And then I upgraded the system to 10.10.5, patched the sound again, and repeated all the instructions learned from here. I've included a screenshot of Intel Power Gadget, and there seems to be multiple P-states(from 12 to 25) As for my Clover config.plist, it's pretty clean, only: FixShutdown Inject NVidia use Mac Pro 5.1 SMBIOS I couldn't use Mac Pro 6.1 though. My screen goes blank before reaching the desktop. I also noticed a message from the "10.10 aicpm patch.command" script that says: "This script wont work if you not use the StepContextDict from macmini6,2" Is it really necessary? I tried to use MacMini 6.2 definition from Clover Configurator, but the CPU would never go lower than 2.0GHZ. Finally, thank you all for this great tutorial. Edit: Mac Mini 5.1 seems to be more power efficient for me when the computer is not doing CPU-intensive tasks However, sleep never works whatever Mac model I choose