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  1. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    The airflow sounds like plenty for the drives. Mine will be used more like a NAS than a true server as well, and with unRAID the drives not in use will spin down, so I shouldn't have issues. How loud or noisy is yours?
  2. Phunczz's G5 Homage Project

    Nice build. I'm looking to do a similar one, with at least 5 drives, but using the ports on the back of the MB. Great to see that your drives are running at cool enough temperatures with no direct fans! This is great, as I had assumed that they would need more cooling in a server environment, particularly ZFS where they don't spin down. Excellent work and thanks for sharing all the details.
  3. Gone! Thanks for the interest.
  4. Just realized I still have this in my closet of stuff. Anyone interested? How about $50 shipped for everything (USA only)?
  5. New in package (silver plastic, sealed) 18.4Gb IBM 3.5" SCSI-3 80 pin 10,000rpm LVD hard drive, model IC35L018UCD2 $90 shipped. If you need a SCSI boot drive, this thing is fantastic, quick, enterprise quality drive. (look around the web, these are selling for crazy prices since it is an enterprise item...) check my feedback at ebay under the same user name. Thanks
  6. I have my Intel D975XBX2 motherboard for sale. It is a great board, worked well as a hack (Leopard), used for office applications, email and web mainly (no overclocking). In excellent condition. For the life of me I can't find the original box, and I know I have it somewhere... will include Backplate, the original discs and the Users Manual. $49 shipped, USA only. Also for sale is an Intel CPU, E4500 socket 775 Core 2 Duo, 2.20GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB in original box, includes heatsink and fan! Ran at suggested speeds, no overclocking, this one should have a lot of life left. $35 shipping included, USA only. payment via paypal
  7. Question about updating - I recently moved from a BadAxe2 to a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P (low cost, used the same CPU and RAM) in order to use Snow Leopard like I have on all of my other Macs. The install went flawlessly with Kakewalk, and with audio kexts now everything works perfectly. I'm still at 10.6.5 though. What is the best way to update to 10.6.8? Is the Combo 10.6.8 updater the way to go, or should I do incremental updates? Will everything still work including sleep? EDIT: I figured out upgrading to 10.6.7, using incremental updates -->10.6.6-->10.6.7 worked perfectly, no patching needed afterward. From reading, it looks like 10.6.8 might not be as easy. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.
  8. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    So before I attempt to use the installer, will this will only work on Snow and not Leopard? Thanks
  9. I bought a family pack to upgrade 4 of my 5 Apple machines (4 of the 5 are Intel, one PPC), and haven't yet put it on my hack (machine #5) but am planning to. Sadly it won't work on my G5. I have 6 Macs, only one is a hack.
  10. on my MBP 13" 2.26 w/SSD I'm showing about a 200 point increase in Geekbench score. Now I'm wondering if it is real, or Geekbench?
  11. Temperature Monitoring Software?

    check out CoolBook http://www.coolbook.se/CoolBook.html It is $10 but well worth it if it will run on your Pro. Allows throttling, undervolting, etc., in order to maximize battery life by decreasing energy demands and temp. I use it on both of our MacBooks to decrease operating temps.
  12. The Apple Slap

    Sure they did. The old prices were $1299 and $1599 for the 13" Unibody. The new prices are $1199 and $1499. The changes were subtle, but significant in some ways, particularly with the display quality. PCMag just gave it a very good review.
  13. *The number of topics in this forum was at a bad number, so I had to start #667. Better karma for us all.* Anyhow, I just love how Apple took a shot at AT&T with the tethering option on the new iPhone, making it available and announcing that it isn't available in the US. It puts the pressure by users off of Apple and on to AT&T don't you think? And to really take a shot at Microshaft, lower price and move the 13" MacBook to "Pro", and lower prices across the line, and make the upgrade price on Snow Leopard so low it would be silly not to buy. Take that Billy G. Anyone else notice this?
  14. Safari 4.0 is out (of beta)!

    I was using the beta, and had just gotten used to the tabs at the top of the bar, and then in 4.0 they flipped the tabs to be above the browser page. Bummer, I think I liked it the other way. Other than that, it is very nice. I've converted from being a die-hard Firefox user. It is quick.
  15. Thanks egray! I've been waiting for someone to sort it out first. Much appreciated. Did you use the combo update, or update via Software Update?