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    Samanosuke reacted to pokenguyen in [Guide] AIO Guides For Hackintosh   
    Hi friends! Here are all the guides that I've written based on my experience with the help of my friends. Some are based on existing guides, but I have redefined to suit more system. Most of the guides are about Mavericks. I'm looking forward to receive your feedback to make them better. Thank you!
    Pre installation
    The right hardware for your Hackintosh
    Checking your hardware before installing OS X

    Installing Mavericks/Yosemite using Chameleon (Legacy BIOS)
    Chameleon’s common bootflag
    Installing Mavericks using Clover (UEFI)
    Installing Yosemite using Clover (UEFI)
    How to boot into Clover UEFI
    Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository
    Post installation
    Install Chameleon bootloader – speedstep and installing kexts (Legacy BIOS)
    Install Clover bootloader – speedstep and installing kexts (UEFI)
    Install Clover Legacy bootloader (Legacy BIOS)
    How to check your CPU’s speedstep
    QE/CI for 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics
    Request for AppleHDA patching
    How to update OS X on your Hackintosh
    Dualboot Windows and OS X using Chameleon
    Dualboot Windows and OS X using Clover UEFI
    Sync time between Windows and OS X
    How to fix iCloud/iMessage/Facetime on your Hackintosh
    DSDT/SSDT: Basic knowledge
    DSDT/SSDT: Edit using MacIASL
    DSDT/SSDT: Common DSDT patches
    DSDT/SSDT: Enable battery by patching your DSDT using pre-made patches ( Laptop-exclusive )
    Clover Config: Tweaking Clover menu entries

    Boot0: error while using Chameleon
    Issues while booting into OS X
    Touchpad/Keyboard won’t work after using Hackintosh for a while ( Laptop-exclusive )

    Advance techniques
    Convert MBR to GPT/Windows Legacy to Windows UEFI
    How to patch AppleHDA
    Everything you need to know about NVRAM
    How to patch framebuffer AMD GPU
    Patched Framebuffer Repository
    DSDT/SSDT: Everything you need to know SSDT
    DSDT/SSDT: Disable dedicated GPU to extend battery life (Laptop-exclusive)
    DSDT/SSDT: Brightness fix for Intel HD3000/4000/4400/4600 (Laptop exclusive)
    Clover Config: Convert your patched AppleHDA to Clover patching-on-the-fly

    Download links
    Hackintosh Vietnam Tool
    Chameleon bootloader
    Clover bootloader

    ******Special thanks to vusun123, who helped me completing and translating from original Vietnamese guides to English guides*******
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    Samanosuke reacted to applCore in Clover & Custom SMBIOS on Real Macs   
    Yesterday's WWDC has set a huge number of real Mac owners into an angry spiral. Many users have systems that are good enough to run 10.14, but are now excluded for likely largely financial and marketing positioning from Apple. For example 2009 Mac Pros with Metal capable video cards shouldn't be blocked whatsoever, but there are many others too who should be pretty much fine if they're not doing serious gaming or animation on their iMacs or Mac Minis.
    We need to start figuring out or pulling together some instructions (if it's already possible) for real Macs to run Clover and to define custom SMBIOS entries. Basically I'm 100% on board with running real Macs as Hackintosh systems at this point. I'm not willing to flush over $20,000 of Apple hardware down the toilet, especially when these systems still run faster than most current systems and are working great for even VR game dev.
    Can someone give some insight as to what may need to be done to start moving down this road now so we can start testing this out now on spare systems that have been blacklisted by Apple?
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    Samanosuke reacted to ellaosx in usb 3.0s?   
    <string>com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI</string> <string>AppleUSBXHCI</string> same?
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    Samanosuke reacted to MaLd0n in usb 3.0s?   
                    <string>USB 10.13.4+ by PMHeart</string>
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    Samanosuke reacted to Zenith432 in usb 3.0s?   
    Here's patch with shorter hex strings
    <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>change 15 port limit to 22 in XHCI kext (270-series) 10.13.4</string> <key>Find</key> <data>g32UDw==</data> <key>MatchOS</key> <string>10.13.4</string> <key>Name</key> <string>com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI</string> <key>Replace</key> <data>g32UFg==</data> </dict>  
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    Samanosuke reacted to Peke in i7-6700k CPU VCORE not accurate (HWMONITOR & SMC MONITOR)   
    Hi guys. 
    HWmonitor & SMC Monitor shows not realistic VCORE of my CPU (i7-6700K OC at 4,5 GHZ and stable)
    Even under 100% load Vcore show an unrealistic value of 0.656 V.
    The CPU Voltage is fixed in BIOS at 1.3 volts & in windows dual boot CPU Core Voltage readings are fine and exactly as supposed under load & Idle.
    Im using the latest rehabMan-FakeSMC-2018-0403 files.
    Any insight is appreciated as I want to check Voltages accurately.

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    Samanosuke reacted to Shaneee in AMD Post Install Preparation   
    This tutorial will assist you to copy the needed kernel and Extra folder to your HDD once you've finished installing OS X.
    Note that where it says "Your HDD Name" or "Your USB Name" you must replace this with the partition names. For example, ElCapitanHD or with spaces it is "El Capitan HD"
    To begin you will need to boot into your USB installer. Once past the language selection you will see the menu bar. Navigate to Utilities > Terminal
    From here, if you don't know the names of your drives type the command below to find them,

    diskutil list

    Now that you know the names. Start by navigating to the root of your USB.

    cd /Volumes/"Your USB Name"

    Now copy the Extra folder to the HDD.

    cp -R Extra /Volumes/"Your HDD Name"/

    Now check to make sure it copied,

    cd /Volumes/"Your HDD Name"

    You should see the Extra folder there now. Now to copy the kernel. We need to go back to the USB drive and copy it to the HDD.

    cd /Volumes/"Your USB Name"/System/Library/Kernels/
    cp -R kernel /Volumes/"Your HDD Name"/System/Library/Kernels/

    The kernel should now be in place. If you want you can also copy it to the Extra folder for good measure,

    cd /Volumes/"Your USB Name"/System/Library/Kernels/
    cp -R kernel /Volumes/"Your HDD Name"/Extra/

    You can now reboot. Once booted into OS X install Enoch to your HDD. Make a copy of your Extra folder first as the Enoch instalation may edit some files. You can now boot from the HDD rather than USB.
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    Samanosuke reacted to Codinger in [IMPORTANT] Always remove S/N & MLB & ROM & SmUUID!   
    Hello newcomer,
    As i saw that many users upload their config.plist or SMBIOS.plist with non deleted S/N and MLB, ROM values. Noobs please never upload your unique machine values like ROM, MLB, Serial Number or System UUID. If you upload these values your Apple ID will be suspended form Apple services (AppStore, FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, iTunes ...) directly, because some other noobs will try to "clone" your system as described here. 
    It is an easy process ... simply remove these information from your uploaded media as blurring the data (watch here) or as removing / censoring the files for upload (watch here)
    Thank you for your attention and have a good start, here, in the forums at Insanelymac.   
    P.S. don't blame me for this shared serial. I had found it just before i wrote this guide .