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  1. No We need new port-limit patch for this. Updated via app store successfully but usb 3.0 not working with the old patch (10.13.5)
  2. Samanosuke

    usb 3.0s?

    i just copy this g32UDw== & g32UFg== to clover hex converter in the clover configrator and i got some numbers i used that in kernel patch then usb 3 works...
  3. Samanosuke

    usb 3.0s?

  4. Samanosuke

    usb 3.0s?

    thanks a lot Works great in my Asus z270tuf mark 1 motherboard
  5. Hi every one i used this kernel and installed successfully on AMD FX 8350 ,sound,Ethernet, Nvidia 750ti,usb,all working,but Fcpx crashing and the error msg is final cut pro quit unexpectedly while using cl_kernels plug-in and Adobe Photoshop cc are keep on troubling..i attache the Screen shots and logs here pls help me AsAp.. Full Crash log see my attachments help me pls Edit by spakk: add longer messages into the spoiler, please Adobe crash.rtf
  6. Samanosuke

    El Capitan Install Preparation

    hai every one i managed to get installed a successful Amd FX 8350 and i figured more and more patience it took around an hour to complete the instalation now nvidia 750 ti,sound,Ethernet,usb etc are working..but facing application crash and many errors hope some one will help,and finally thanks for the tutorial and the community...
  7. Samanosuke

    El Capitan Install Preparation

    Someone help me im able to boot osx installation Using this files But after launching installation my setup just halted at packagekit:Extracting Files:/// System/Installation/packages/BasesystemResources.pkg (Destination=/volumes/Mac OSX/.OSinstallSandboxPath/Root, uid=0) Im waiting around an hour But still no improvement in setup progress (BTW My USB PEN DRIVE LED Keep on Blinking ) So how long i should wait..?? MY SPECS: Cpu:AMD FX-8350 Eight Core MOB:ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 OS Ver: EL Capitan 10.11.5 Pls Refer my attachment @Shaneee EDIT: installed and reboot but after booting from hdd reboots