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  1. Hi, i installed kallyway 10.5.2 on toshiba nb100 netbook,installation went pretty good exept for a few things,and one of them it's a resolution problem simply can't change,tried those kext they work but,making display blinking maybe someone has a solution help.thank you.
  2. Hi,Dune and Kally,installed 10.5.2 on toshiba nb 100,can't get resolution change sinse the card id 0x27ae gma 950 maybe you can help me
  3. just installed kalyway 10.5.2 everything seems to work exept for gma950,can't change resolution.any help?
  4. Hello,maybe somebody knows how to restore resolutions choice after leopard graphic update? может кто нибудь знает как восстановить выбор резолюции после leopard graphic update? thank you in advance. заранее спасибо.
  5. Здравствуй Дюн 32 ,у меня вопрос как я могу обновить GMA 950 драйвер?
  6. I've got P5GC-MX and everything works out of the box except for ethernet that you have to buy ,i've played all kind's of staff with this mobo and still everything works, only do not install apple graphic update. in the installation check all except for sse2 and everything will be ok. good luck.
  7. дюне как можно обновить видео драйвер gma 950?
  8. don't install combo update from apple ,or you will throw down to drain your leopard os ,all this efi staff doesn't help(work) with combo update's.
  9. Hi,Dune i did experiment and updated the system with 10.5.1.combo update everything went smooth and nice only the thing i lost is the resolution choice,it means that the system can be updated fully without a problem.
  10. Yes it does, go to system preferences than to security, press the icon and there you'll see the firewall settings.
  11. не вводи никакого пароля просто нажми вход,попробуй у меня так было .
  12. Thank you very much Dune now i understand .
  13. Than i don't understand what is the difference between fully patched dvd and the vanilla(efi)staff? and olso let's say i install imac cpu(in theory) than what happend or it olso depends on the motherboard
  14. Thank you Dune, i understand and will not change anything in msbios kext, but the question is, will i be able to download system updates from the apple site,or i will have to patch them.thank's again.
  15. Привет земляки у меня вопрос я наверное тупой.но я ничего не понял как изменять в хекс едиторе но досихпор у меня хак ин тош оъясните для особо тупых постепенно если можно.спасобо