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  1. I just got permission from my boss to order a MacBook Pro for work. I had to keep the cost down so I went with the 15" model with extra RAM. I started using a hackintosh at home six months ago as a test to see if I could wean myself from Windows. Aside from a few specialty programs for work, everything I need is Mac available. The new machine should arrive next week.
  2. Sound help please in leopard

    The easiest way I got sound to work was to use an inexpensive USB audio device made by Plantronics.
  3. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: ToH - just booted from the dvd and installed to bootable USB drive Manufacturer: HP Compaq Model: nx6325 (notebook) Bios Version: F.07 Audio: not working LAN: Broadcom BCM5788 not working Wireless: working (Broadcom BCM4310 shows up as a Third Party Wireless Card) Bluetooth: working ACPI works CPU Model Number: AMD Turion64 X2 2.0 Ghz Recognised as: 1.99 GHz - 2 cores Memory/DDR: 2GB at 667 mhz Video Manufacturer: ATI Model: Xpress 1150 (Radeon 200M) - no kext loaded Bus Type: onboard Memory size: 128 mb Dual screen: not working QE/CI working: not working Resolution changeable: yes - running at 1400x1050x32 Required patches or bios flashing: didn't add any SATA/IDE working: so far, on board SATA not working (I'm using an external USB2.0 drive) DVD writer (PIONEER DVDRW DVR-K17) works great! misc hardware: fingerprint scanner recognized but doesn't do anything 7-in-1 memory card not working Onboard firewire working Onboard keyboard does not work but a USB one works well