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    Kalyway 10.5.1 on 680i + Q6600 - possible?

    I am running something similiar, a BFG 680i SLI mobo, Intel Q6600 Quad Core, nvidia 8600 gt 256mb, and 2gb ddr2 800mhz corsair ram. I used TOH for the disk, and had to disable all but one core to install (fixed to quad core later) and had to disable my networking for the install. The only issue once it was installed and running was my 8600 card which is still being worked on so they say.
  2. I like the first one better. 16.93 ghz? wish i could overclock that well! This is quite strange though. as I can't get anything to show up for my cpu other than that it is running all 4 cores...
  3. Shadowline

    Boot Up Time

    Same here, Intel Quad Core q6600 and 2GB ram. Doesn't look like you will get much better.