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  1. I made a new installation.... i can only boot with an installation dvd, and then i will see the gray bootscreen with the apple, but not circle at the bottom. When i boot without the dvd i get: b0 error_ I patched the Hotiso 10.4.6 with Myzars.10.4.5.To.JaS.10.4.6.ppf But i think i do something wrong... do i need a different version?
  2. @Sixth: Can you tell me what there was wrong with my installation? I installed it at a thinkpad R51 2887-K2G. PM 725 (1.6 GHZ) 40 GB harddrive from hitachi 768 MB Ram Intel onboard Graphics
  3. The cd is used is called: Mac OS X Install Disc x86 and the image is called: osx86_10.4.5_amd-intel_sse2-3.iso
  4. I think i have the wrong DVD, i've got: osx86_10.4.5_amd-intel_sse2-3.iso
  5. When i boot on my thinkpad i see after the bios screen the darwin x86 boot... Then i see rules scrolling over my screen with loading HFS+ .... After that i see a screen with smaller letters and it ends at: BSD root: disk0s1, major 14, minor 1 Somebody, any idea how to fix this?